i got FUCKED up today...

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. ... and it definitely didnt feel too good. i was ridin my bike, stuntin like i always do... n i was doin a tank stander goin prolly like 30-35mph.... well uhh, i lost balance n fell off the bike, well more of a jump, haha n then when i hit the ground i was all thinkin i was gonna land n run n shit cuz it didnt seem like i was goin that fast, and then my feet hit and my body followed haha

    bashed my face off the ground (had a helmet on though, or my cheek would probably got shattered) got a meaty paw (bloody palm), twisted and scraped the fuck outta my knee, tweaked my left elbow, n i got some roadrash on the top of my right hand and wrist

    as for my bike, i bent the left forkleg, but not to bad, n totally fucked the handlebar to wheel alignment by like a 45 degree angle n had to ride the bike home like that, tried to straiten it back out but it wont go totally strait, gonna have to buy a new leftside fork leg or somethin, me n my buddy are gonna try to get it rideable on saturday until i can make a trip out to the cycle salvage n get some forks
  2. Ah damn man sounds like you bit it

    feel better

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