I got fucked bad.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by breakonthru, May 14, 2006.

  1. so my fucking friend from elementary school was visiting us back here where he used to live before he moved. We chilled and me and him bought like 2.5 gs of some decent KB. We blazed a few bowls and then I had to go to someones house for a while and then he said to meet at his house.

    Later, after my business was done, I go back to his house only to hear that hes not home anymore and that hes with my other friend and I caled him and he said that he dosent have the bud....even though I viivdly remember him having it all. This is so gay this guy changed so much and now he stole bud form me this is fucked up im blazedd
  2. i dont see the part about him robbing you.
  3. haha so when you left you didn't take your weed? good one!
  4. I would never trust someone that I haven't known/seen for a while.
  5. i really dont see what the big deal is man. It's not exactly like 2.5 grams is a fat sack ar anything. It's all probably going to be mostly gone after those few bowls you smoked with him anyways. It wouldnt really bother me at all, but im not hard pressed for weed either. I guess what im saying is im stoned and dont let the little shit bother you. Next time dont invite him to smoke or whatever. Problem solved
  6. no i mean its just I'm out of cash now for a while and they were small bowls, a quarter-inch socket.
  7. ghetto...
  8. I'm a broke high school senior, 2.5 grams is a fat sack to me. I see what everyone is trying to say, that sucks that your friend robbed you, but at least it wasn't anything more.

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