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  1. Ok, I've told ya'all how I hadn't worked since last May. I was believing God for my perfect job. How I got hired on my birthday. How I didn't like it at all, but...really worked hard to keep a good attitude. How they were anal about time off...1/2 occurance for court. Then it was 1/2 occurance whether or not I was 5 min late from lunch when my son sprained his ankle or if I took the afternoon off. So...I took the afternoon off and took good care of my son.

    Well...that was on a Tues., Friday...I knew I needed to take him to the doctor. So...thinking I still had 3 occurances left before I was fired...I called the doctor to make an appointment. I need to mention that on Friday they were predicting the worst snow storm we've had in years. So...my plan was to make the appointment for after lunch and take another 1/2 occurance, but...they were closing the doctors office early so I needed to get him in the morning. Of course with bad weather, I also decided I would just take a full occurance and not come back that afternoon. Well...

    They denied me taking my son to the doctor. I absolutly could not believe they would tell me that. I have successfully raised 4 children. They were all athletes and we've had several sprained ankles!!!! I KNOW when I need to take my child to the doctor!!!!!!!!! I could have understood if she would have said I need to come back, but not that I couldn't take him. Anyway...I said I'm sorry, but I'm taking him. She then told me I was fired!

    I was in shock! Needless to say...I got totally wasted with my son after our doctor visit. Spent the weekend in a twisted state. Sunday, I was just plain out of it. Mon. morning I cried all morning as everyone in the house went off to do their thing...I was so confused!!!!!!! Why????????

    I'm now doing fine. Tues. I got up at 4am. Spent so quality time with the Big Guy upstairs and now I have started praying for the gal that fired me. I believe He has a plan for my life and I just need to be patient. But...whew!!!!!!! What a tough couple of days.

    Anyone have any advice or similar situations. We can all use a little help from our friends. Sorry this took me so long to write. You guys were the first ones I thought of to share with and now the last ones I've told. Just shows ya how mixed up we get!!!!

    Love ya'all
  2. livingrace....Both myself and my wife have been where you are!!! Think of this experiance as a "test-run", and shake it off, as youseem to be doing! A big [​IMG] to ya for keeping family first!!!! You've got a great attitude and Family for support!! Keep your head HIGH( couldn't resist the pun ) and hang in there lady, We are here for you!!!! Strange things often happen in the job market.......[​IMG]
  3. Just have faith that you will find something better and soon. That this is part of some large devine plan. Its all you can do and anything else will just get you depressed. You did what was right family always comes first and dont forget that. Work tries to dehumanize us by taking away our choices and what makes us people. Just have faith. =)

    Rooting for you

  4. Oh, livingrace, I'm so sorry things didn't work out. I hate jobs that don't understand the importance of raising a family. My last job was like that...it was like pullin teeth to even get to go to a goddamn soccer game or anything. I am fortunate now to have a job where most of the women are single parents (their kids are grown now) and understand the importance of family. They even let me take my son on his paper route when the weather is bad. I couldn't believe how lucky I was to find such a great group of people.

    I know the right job will come along for you. That job sounded way to uptight, if ya ask me. You're better off without the insensitive jerks. I admire how you are holding your chin up and approaching it from a spiritual point of view. Hang in there, and good luck. You're a great mom and that is your most important job.
  5. a lot of people are hurting right now ...in vegas SO MANY PEOPLE are out of work you know the story no tourism...but keep it together... things have a way of workin them self out. But BE positive ...don't shut your self in... get out there and handle your bussiness ...shhhh don't tell anyone but the last five months i've been praying haven't done that for years i'll keep you in my prays...shit i sound like a real church goer i'm not TRUST ME...take care ....STAY SAFE
  6. Livingrace, Kids should be a # 1 priority. How do these employers think they will have furture employees if we don't keep our kids healthy. I have a friend that got fired for taking 5 extra days off because the doctors had to take his baby early because of complications and the baby was in the hospital for an extra 6 days. When he told me about it I told him to call the labor board and find out if they could fire him for that. He has his job back with a nice raise!

    I don't know where you worked but you may want to look into things before you give up..

    Keep the faith!!!
  7. Bud Head has a good point about calling the labor board to petition, but with such a strict office like that they're bound to try it again with you!
    Livingrace I'm so sorry this happened to you! It's unjust, and you should be allowed personal time to take care of your injured child.

    All I can say, is I agree with the others and you, there is probably a bigger plan for you that you don't see... This job obviously wasn't for you, as you probably would have been miserable counting your occurrences and fighting your boss for time off 'til your very last day. I hope you find a new job soon that suits you, and I am going to keep thinking POSITIVE thoughts for ya until we hear that you did.

    keep on prayin, I will too!
  8. You guys are the best! Thanks! I so totally hear all of you! You are all correct! I know it wasn't the job for me. Totally!!!! And truly I am doing fine...now...which isn't too bad, I don't think. I do believe 'the' right job is out there, it's just having the patience to find it. I always need help in that area.

    I did think about the labor board because it was SOOOOO totally wrong what they did, but I have a bigger issue. The guy that owns the company that fired me is my oldest daughters biggest client. She sells custom made suits to ceo's and such. She's one that goes to their office and fits them like you see in the movies. He has bought over $50,000 of clothes from her in the last 6 months. I can't cause any waves and cause trouble for her. What I would gain would be for nought. That's where the praying comes in. I really don't think he knows how his managers are running the place. He built the company up starting in his apartment. Now he has 250 employees, but my oh my. If he does know, I'm praying he changes his mind, and if he doesn't know, I'm praying he cleans house.

    Thanks again you guys. As always you've touched me. Your the best. Thanks for your prayers. I'm a big believer, not necessarily a church goer but a believer. Thanks :)

  9. I'm sorry to hear your story. Keep your head even though things are rough i know the feeling.

    You dont have to accept it but let me give you a little Atheist advice:

    Praying can be a good solace but dont depend on your God to do all the work for ya. Dont wait for him to help you..get up and help yourself.
  10. stevieponiczzz great advice, i agree ~ praying is a solace, and i do beleive it makes us closer to "God" per se, but it IS essentially up to US what goes on in our lives.

    livingrace, if you feel that the head guy in this company might not know what is going on, maybe a little talk with him is due? not necessarily to get your job back, but just to express how you felt about being fired over wanting to take your injured son to the doctor. and if you don't feel good talking to him in person, maybe a little note expressing your disappointment in the manner you got fired.
    maybe he'll make changes and make the environment a better place... ahh yes i am an optimist!! :)

    but it's ultimately up to you, you probably just want to *move on* to the future and leave this in the past, i don't blame you! :)

    hope you're enjoying the weekend~~
  11. Ya know ganjaphish you just given me the perfect reply to stevieponiczzz post. You have given me the perfect way to explain the difference.

    I believe so strongly in the power of prayer. You are right.
    :quote:maybe he'll make changes and make the environment a better place... ahh yes i am an optimist!!

    But I on my own cannot make him change. Only God can move and do that.

    Then I totally agree with you, stevieponiczzz, :quote:praying can be a good solace but dont depend on your God to do all the work for ya. Dont wait for him to help you..get up and help yourself.:quote:

    I agree that praying can be a good solace, but it is MUCH more than that. It is a way to make the earth move!!!!!!!! It is POWER. It is WISDOM! After you pray...You just need to hear what God is telling you to DO!!!!!!

    There are so many oppressed people there. Working under fear. It's bad!!! They need and deserve to have better working conditions. But...I WILL NOT risk ANYTHING that might hurt my daughter. You are so right everyone...Family comes first. I already might have. I am so thankful she was the one that wanted me to go to work there. I am sincerely praying about that as well! She bought her new grand am off his sales.

    See, that's where the faith has to come in. That's why I needed my 4am meeting with the head guy in order to get past this. I TRUST HIM!!!!!! He will give me the 'perfect' job. He hasn't changed his mind since I knew I was to quit my last job. He just has different plans than I do. His plans are sooooooooooooo much bigger than anything I could even conceive, and I can think big!

    I have had 2 people, one my sister and one my best friend, tell me they don't think I should go to work full time. I thought my husband wanted me to(he was getting a little jealous of me smoking all day while he was out bring home the bacon) I really don't blame him, so in my mind I had to go out and get a paycheck! But he told me last night he doesn't want me to do that he thought that was what I wanted. So...I've always been a risk taker so this is what I'm going to do...

    There's this young kid, 26, at my husbands office. Brilliant kid. Knows tons of people in the computer field. We(my husband and I) are going to start a .com business with him. I'm waiting to talk to an attorney to learn what we can or can't do. It is a spinoff, but the spinoff is only in one part of the US.

    I'm also going to sell Beauti Control. It's a skin care product line. It's so stupid and here is where I made it hard on myself. I didn't want to be one of those sales people. But you know what, I can do it right. The product is fantastic. I'm already a distributor because with 3 girls I buy enough for the discount. It is the absolutely best product I've tried, and I've tried a lot of them. I really do believe we should look and be the very best we possibly can....

    And more important than all that is I can still talk to all of you, which I wasn't able to do when I worked full time. The thing I hated so much but thought was what I wanted. Working full time.

    Ok, I've rambled on now for too long. Sorry about that. I love you guys. You are the best!!!!!! I love your advice. I want you to know, your the first ones besides my husband I've told of what I'm going to do.

    Keep the advice, words of wisdom, pep talks, coming. I love it.

  12. Good luck livingrace!! Go get em' lady!! :smoking:
  13. Thanks cowboy. I love ya, and I can feel your best wishes.
  14. ((((livingrace)))))

    Sounds like things are gonna be okay. Good luck with your new ventures-sounds exciting!
  15. Thanks stonygurl!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so nice to meet you here again. I see you've been posting here for awhile. Love ya, I always get excited when I see you at a post. Your kewl!!!!!!!

    Thanks again. And yeah...I'm going to be better than fine. I talked with my sister this am. She sells the same product. So...we get to do it together. I'm pumped!!!!!!!!! We're going to Texas for the conference. So we'll get to see each other and party. It's going to be awesome, and again, I'll have my FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!

    Isn't that a good word today. 6 months from 9-11! FREEDOM! Yeah, we all need it!


    P.S. She had 2 parties and made $700. I could live with that!
  16. I have tried beauticontrol before, and know women who absolutely love it. It is a good product. I have used mary kay since i was 16, and sold it for awhile...about 9 years ago. I just had too many irons in the fire and gave it up, but it was fun to give shows and stuff. Your product will sell itself. and I know you'll have fun at it. Best thing too, is it will allow the flexibility that a mother needs. And the income potential IS good! Best of luck to ya, livingrace. I'm gonna pm you tonight if I get a chance.
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    So you couldn't take take your kid to the dr so you get wasted with him. Sounds like great parenting. If he is old enought to get wasted with dad I would think he would be old enought to get him self to the dr and you might still have your job. Thumbs up to this guy.
    What good are you to your family with no job. How are you going to pay for those med bills now. Leach off the system Because you didn't like your job. Nice.
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  19. File for unemployment

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