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I got fired today and I'm not even upset...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by cLoud kickerr, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. So I worked at a restruant waiting tables and I got in an argument with a cook last night and told her to go fuck herself. Then when the manager wrote me up I told her to go fuck herself. Then when the general manager sat down with me this morning and told me "you're a great employee we've never had problems with you ever, but I think it's best if you don't work here anymore"

    I told him to go fuck himself. He asked "why are you so upset?"

    I said "because I woke up early to come into work and get fired two days before Christmas, I work two fucking jobs, I have 18 credit hour semesters as a business analytics major, and I'm tired of working my ass off and making only $40 a fucking night because you guys don't know shit about marketing!!!"

    Sorry, but I had to vent....:mad:
  2. damn bro, sounds like you have a lot on your plate..
    atleast you still have the other job right?
  3. yeah dude! I'm a bouncer at night. I'm not too worried but it's tough being in school and trying to do it all on your own. I'm not worried, except the little change I do have is for Christmas presents...
  4. They can go fuck themselves.
  5. Bravo, OP

    I have always wanted to do this, never had the cajones though haha

    good luck with finding a new job (if you end up looking for one)
  6. Chef: I tried to keep the "go fuck yourself" theme through all of the drama. I was quite happy it worked out.

    Yeah warden, I'm working on finding another serving job.
  7. That's fucking great haha. At least you went out with some flavor.

  8. Dude that doesn't beat when I quit Moe's. The manager (in front of a customer) said "maybe one day you'll be able to roll a burrito the correct Moe's way"

    I said "maybe one day you can learn to suck my dick!!" and threw my hat in the lettuce.
  9. after OP got fired:



  10. hahahah.

    I hope I find a job I hate that I can quit in such a way
  11. Oh man I used to wash dishes in a restaurant when I was 15, worst job I ever had.
    We went through 4 chefs in the 5 months I was there, and my god one of them was a total cunt.
    Ended up telling her exactly what I thought of her, got my money, fucked off home and never looked back.

    Nice one op, will rep you when I'm on the computer :)
  12. I mean I'm not a gigantic asshole or anything.... SWIM was on xanax when he quit moes.
  13. Sounds like a gnarly story brah.
  14. When I got fired from my bussing job the manager let me a voicemail saying they were letting me go because I did fill the expectations for the bussing position. I was quite happy. Fucking hated that place.
  15. Did or didn't?
  16. ahh typo. i didn't
  17. Saying "Go fuck yourself!" is just too abrupt for me, i prefer the simple "Hey, FUCK YOU!"

    And then pause for 2 seconds after and say "FOR REAL."
  18. You sound upset.

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