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I got extremely high of same weed less amount

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Lucid_High, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. So let me start by saying that im new to the forums so if by any chance this in the wrong section or category then let me know!

    So one night I decided to roll a joint(I suck at rolling) and smoke it, well my rolling abilities aren't the best so it didnt stay lit and had to light it everytime I took a hit, my guess is that it wasn't tight enough, well after 3/4 of the way through I decided to stop smoking it since I really wasn't getting high. Well the other night I decided to give it another try and got the roach and wrapped it with another paper and made it really tight, when I sparked it and hit it about 12 times and it wasn't getting smaller, I was really happy because it was burning really slow. Once im done smoking it I go back inside I realize im really fucking high, I lay down in bed to go to sleep and it literally feels like I was falling through the bed, then when I close my eyes it feels like im hitting things as I fall. It was probably one the best indica body feelings that I've experienced. Well that was my story, kind of random but can someone explain why I got so high of the same weed and a lot less amount?
  2. welcome to GC
    check out this article on tolerance and your high potency

    Basically changing your surroundings effects your tolerances among other things.
    you also probably had abunch of resin built up in that roach which added with the bud got you even higher
  3. What Alpha said, but also you were probably just burning the weed and not being able to inhale much of it since you rolled the joint so loose. If there were any holes in the paper, sometimes stems poke through and form them, then that could be another reason. Instead of pulling smoke from the joint you were probably getting mostly air and only some smoke, and if it's cold where you are it would have looked like you were getting good hits but in reality most of the weed was being burned up at the end of the joint and the smoke just went into the air, not your lungs. It's pretty basic, if you roll a loose joint then your weed will burn fast... if you keep it tight it will burn slow, and you will also be getting most of the smoke. Use a crutch btw, I can't remember the last time I rolled a joint or blunt without one... helps SOO much.

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