i got cpu fans but i cannot hook them up

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by johnnyd, Jul 31, 2003.

  1. i got some cpu fans but i cannot hook them up cuz i dont no how to. they are totally out of the cpu, just the fan and the two wires sticken out of it.

    if ne one noes how to hook these up to work please help me out.
  2. what does the fan say on it ???volts ????ma should be 12 volts but how many ma are they if possibly find an 12 volt power supply like for a cb radio something with an 1-2 amps and alot of them have thermal potection and a curcit breaker good luck ps battery charger is not a power supply
  3. make sure the adapter has the same or more amps than the fan;)
  4. how could i hook up an AC adaptor to it.

    the fan says:
    120 VAC 50/60Hz
    7/6 W

    i do not know what that means?
  5. you are in luck just wire a plug to it and plug it in the wall,is it a bigger fan like 4"
  6. how would i wire a plug to it
  7. could i just use an AC adaptor thing
  8. yes, just use an adapter
  9. no if it is 120 volt just plug it in the wall 120vac=120 volts ac
  10. (i'm gone) WTF?
  11. take something old that plugs in that you dont need / wont miss and cut the cord off as long as you can though, like where it attaches to the unit, and strip the wires down twist one wire on the fan and then the other to the other side of the cord (cut and strip the plug on the fan if you need) and then plug n play =)
  12. YOU FORGOT ABOUT THE BLACK TAPE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,good luck
  13. Okay, before you go burning down your house... Go to Wal Mart or a hardware store and buy a "Replacement Plug." Attach the wires from the fan to the plug like it says to on the package that comes with the plug. Then plug it in.
  14. I've seen computer fans that didn't have ANY apparant place to attach wires. But even if that's the case, SOMEwhere on the thing(s) you'll find contacts where wires can be attached, probably close around the motor itself, but look the entire thing over carefully. There'll be two little brass posts, perhaps fitted for a specialty plug. If that's the case, take it to a computer techie and ask to purchase the little wire connector to wire it up ... or just pay him to do it.

    Since it is a 120v AC (means 120 volts alternating current, which is standard US household voltage), you don't want to plug it into any ac adaptor. As the man above advises, just get the thing wired and then plug it directly into a household outlet or a timer. It'll work wonders.

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