I got conned and I need your help

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    Note: I'm an active member of this site but im using this name because this involves potential illegal activity. (Am I paranoid?)

    I was an idiot, so just bear with me.

    You can skip this if you want but its fairly entertaining if you don't feel bad for me.

    So this guy, lets call him W, I worked with was a former drug dealer and he needed some start-up money. He said that he would pay me back an eighth every two days, so i was like ok thats cool and i gave him 325 and 40 for a scale. The most he ever payed back was a few grams in weed.....

    So heres where i got really stupid. For some reason i really trusted W...he wanted me to give him another 150....and i did...he keeps telling me hes gonna pay me back.

    Same thing happened another time and i gave him another 150......

    So at that point he owed me 150+150+325+40=665 for a scale.

    I thought I would see my money back because one of his friends vouched for me.

    Now heres where the real con happened...He W sold me an "ounce plus four grams" for 325 and offered to let me take 50 off his debt for the four grams. He weighed it out in front of me and the scale read 34 grams with the bag, so i was like ok. The bag was really small and smelled funny. He told me that the stuff was just really dense (wtf?). I payed him anyway cause he said he would pay me back my money in two days. I later learned that it was about a quad mixed with "four grams" of oregano. The scale was miscalibrated and I didn't know how scales worked......i'm dumb.

    He tried to do it again, but i didn't want weed or else I would have fallen for it again.

    Then one day I didn't get any sleep the night before and he said it would help him out if i bought a "quad plus an eighth" from him for 100 and take another 50 off his debt. He said his scale got jacked (I don't think he was lying), so i trusted him. He told me to go buy a scale and let him calibrate it...........

    I went and bought the scale for 45 and i weighed out the "quad plus an eighth" to 3.5g the "ounce plus four grams" to 7 grams. I was super pissed, but I finally smartened up.

    I told him that i bought the scale and let them calibrate it (before i weighed out the eighth). I could hear the disappointment in his voice. I later told him that the scale was a rip off and didn't get it. I replied instantly saying that he could get me one $15 cheaper. I wanted to let him think he can con me again.

    Later, I learned that W had been ripping people off for a long ass time. He knows that about himself and he's ok with it. I also learned that hes addicted to Ketamine. Ketamine around here goes for about $100+ per gram and he uses like a gram a day. He's dealing and ripping people off to pay for the habbit.

    Start here if you skipped that.

    So the bottome line is that he owes me 665+325+100 minus 100 for the quad and 50 for the eighth. That comes out to 940.

    One of the guys I work with used to be a bouncer and has done debt collection before. I offered him half the money to get it for me. I know where the guy lives and I could let him try to con me again to bring him to any place I wanted. I'm just curious if it's a smart idea or if i should just chalk it up to loss. W weighs about 140 lbs and is pretty weak and my manager weighs 200+.

    Thanks for your time and please post your thoughts.


    Well I think I'm going to forget about the bad oz. and the "quad + eighth" if he pays me the 600 he still owes me. I just set up a payment plan for $25 a day starting tomorrow. We will see if that works out.

    Honestly, he used to be my friend and I almost feel bad for him for getting addicted to K. I know addictions are tough.
  2. Cut the vato.
  3. fuck his ass up definitely do that debt collection deal get your cash or at least part of it back
  4. Killl himmmm
  5. i hope you learned a life lesson, you really need to mature and smarten up.

    yes getting a former debt collector to help you get your money back sounds like a good idea as he hopefully knows what hes doing.

    you could "cut the vato" but that sounds like what a 16 year old punk would do.

    dont front money for anything ever.
  6. I'm just wondering if theres any chance that he'll call the cops or try to get some of his friends together to get back at me. And I'm also curious if he'll be successful at it.
  7. Get am ak,a 12 gauge that holds a lot of rounds,maybe a glock or two and then go Jack Bauer on their asses i they try to mess with you.
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    I definitely learned from those mistakes and I won't trust random people anymore. Perhaps the lesson was worth more than the money I lost.

    Also I was wondering if anyone has heard of using a miscalibrated scale to short people.
  9. a 2x4 to the head works as a great debt collector, plus you don't have to fork out a percentage of the collection funds.
  10. That happened to my best friend. He got a q from this guy he met at school, and the guy weight it in front of him. When he got back to his place he weighed it and it was short by like 10 grams.

    I would get your buddy and go fuck that fool up and get your money back. :devious:Thats just me though.
  11. just have the collector guy say "if you fuck with him again i'll be back". that might keep anything from happening to you.

    get yo money back son
  12. Well...It turns out that W is a friend of a friend and I can't beat his ass. He still acknowledges that I owe him 600 (because he thinks he can scam me)...I'll let you guys know how it turns out.

    Besides, I don't believe in violence. I think I've been watching the sopranos too much.
  13. I'm sorry you let yourself get played so hard.

    I don't mean that to sound harsh but really? First of all, if I had lent the money, which I wouldn't have done for someone I didn't know very well (and you clearly didn't), I would have been trepidatious. The second time he asks for money I'd be outright suspicious. The third time I'd definitely know I was being played.

    Then after he ripped you off not just by weight but he also sold you oregano? You still trusted this guy?

    Then you let him sell you weed with a scale you bought but he calibrated after he ripped you off by a miscalibration, and you weren't suspicious when he directly asked you to let him calibrate it, even though you were getting it for him?

    If you can recover the money by whatever means I'd say go for it, but if all you get from this is a lesson in who to trust you will still have made a profit.
  14. I carry a 'weight' with me, and if someone doesn't want to check their scale with my 50 gram metal weight, then they can suck my cock and lose my business + the business of my friends.
  15. Mate,
    You shouldn't cut a loss, the debt collector guy should have a fee lets say $200. Also, depending how long you've lent the money to him for you should be able to claim some interest. Look up your prime lending rate. So... thats $940 + 200 + interest (prime lending rate * duration you've lent the money) + plus the cost of a baseball bat. Now take your debt collecting friend your baseball bat and go to his house. Collect everything you can. Make it clear that every time you and your friend visit its going to add $200 to his debt. Repeat as necessary. I think you'll find you'll only have to visit two or three times. He's a junkie so the cops won't care. Good Luck
  16. Wow..... Trusting a "Random guy" with damn near a grand? Dude, I sure hope you learned a lesson here. If that didn't teach you nothing will.

    Your friend is saying you can't go and collect your money? Fuck that. I would get that bouncer dude to help you out, and if your friend has anything to say tell him he got you into this mess he can either help you out or lick your nuts after you run a marathon.
  17. I already said that I know I'm and idiot....please don't make me feel worse.

    You misunderstood these parts:

    The part about the oregano. I didn't find out there was oregano in it until much later. It was mostly weed with a little oregano; I got really high off it.

    Also, the second time he ripped me off was when I didn't get any sleep the night before and wasn't thinking straight. He had no scale at the time.

    He never calibrated my scale. I could tell that he wanted to calibrate it for me, so I told him that I never bought it.
  18. Great idea. Im going to start doing that.

    really, tell him to up or make him up. alll threere is to ir.
  20. sry, but its your fault.

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