i got cheated...

Discussion in 'General' started by tdot, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. so today, i was in need of the weed, and unfortunately my regular dealer was dry. so this other guy i know (i never bought from him before) told me he could sell to me. i bought a quarter for $50, the standard price around my area. he sold me the 7 grams which were apparently individually packaged in grams, so 7 baggies in total.

    now, i never carry around a scale since my regular dealer was an honest guy...sp i come home, weigh out my newly aquired weed, and each baggie of weed was 0.7 grams and not the advertised 1.0 gram. all the weed together weighed 5.5grams.

    so basically, i paid $50 for 5.5 grams. and it really pisses me off because i'm real short of cash right now, and mostly because i'm pretty sure there are plenty more dishonest dealers like this around. and it'd be pretty ridiculous to ask for my cash back. i feel pretty stupid for falling for the trick though...i really should have gone with my instincts and insist on seeing it weighed out....oh well.
  2. alot of dealers do that if youre new to them but they usaly only short you .3 off youre full sack or more depending on size well thats what i did
  3. well you have a few options

    1. forget about it, smoke all the pot and just never buy from the person again (5.5 grams for 50 is a good price here)
    2. keep buying from the guy, dont say anything, most likely keep getting shorted
    3. confront the dealer, tell him/her that you want to keep buying from them but you want them to weigh out your bags infront of you
    4. confront the dealer, tell them that you could of been a very loyal customer but they lost your business because they wanted to make an extra few bucks
    5. hit him in the face with a bat

    I would go with # 4
  4. Dont smoke ANY of it take it out of the baggies (because most likely he weighed it out in the baggies cause those little dime baggies weigh .3 and he thought youd be stupid enough to weigh those in with it) and bring it back to him weigh it out and ask him for your other 1.5 grams.
  5. 3 o' 4 fo' sho'

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