I got caught with weed in school.

Discussion in 'General' started by ogkush815, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. my professor just caught me with a weed in my bag. i was mentally block and shocked and i cant think what will be my next move. i talked to her, i said " please don't send me in the guidance office, please im so sorry." its a miracle she said its ok and don't do that again. but she throwed away my 2 joints that i rolled for our acquiantance party. :mad:

    lesson learned: don't get caught. lol :smoke:
  2. lolol what? I trust you're not in university yet are you?
  3. i was gonna say if a proffessor even asked to look in my bag id tell him/her to fuck off hahaha. i love uni
  4. Your in school already? You got out mad early then. I'm in college though so that could be why.
  5. im in college :) but not in a university :p
  6. Just...don't take weed to school you'll be fucked eventually
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  7. im so lucky to have that kind of professor. she understands me.
  8. How the hell did you get caught?
  9. because we have an acquaintance party that day. before we enter the bus, i did not know that our professor must check our bags first.
  10. Ahh that sucks bro that they had to check your bags. Next time just take some edibles or not smoke until you get home.
  11. Shit dude I got caught with a roach and was suspended for 60 days. I forgot the damn thing was in my wallet.

    I ended up quitting.
  12. Never carry more then ur willing to throw away or eat.

  13. Not if you're careful
  14. dont bring it to school man.
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  15. Rugby, there ARE many educators like me who will be "selectively deaf and blind", so we don't have to ruin a kid's life! :(

    We see far more than you know, kid! :eek:

    And bringing pot, alcohol or drugs to school is just plain stupid! :mad: Stash them off campus!

    Granny :wave:
  16. Good to know :hello:

    Honestly I know most my teachers knew I got high between lessons, I just made sure I didnt make it too blatantly obvious. I actually used to deal to my politics teacher, good times...

  17. u quit. then u start to smoke again right? :smoke:
  18. Your a lucky shit... that teacher saved your ass, I mean bring her in some cookies and kiss her ass for not getting you kicked out of school for you precious two joints.
  19. I don't understand why people bring weed to school.

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