I Got Caught, My Story

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  1. I'm pretty buzzed right now so excuse any mistakes, well it already started last week when i ate a weed cookies and got hit the the ultimate high right as i got in my house. 
    So i panicked and my mom decided to talk to me, it was like 2 in the morning she could tell i was pretty faded but i denied it all.
    Tonight i came home again at 2am and she wanted to throw me out the house, she was tripping out and saying stuff like i know what you do don't lie to me and i don't want this to keep occurring so we're moving or you're not ever going out at night and she took my phone. 
    Right now i'm pretty much trying to stay clear of mary jane for a bit till things settle down and i can get back into my usual routine of wake and bakes  :smoke:

  2. How old are you? 
  3. *Guesses 16*

    20, and before anyone says move out i'm planning too but just not yet my university is literally a 2 minute walk from my house

    LOLOL your 20, say yeee ma i bet you wish you were a lil baked right now too eh?

    LOL if only she was so anti-weed i'd say that, she truly believes it's worse than crack and is the ultimate gateway drug
  7. Why would you let her take your phone and stuff if you're and adult?
    in the moment i didn't care, clearly i was high i'll get it back in a few hours so no biggie
  9. i remember when i was 15
  10. you're*
  11. You're so desperate to get high you do it in your mother's house, and you find it annoying that she thinks it's dangerous and addicting? Hmmmm
  12. if i were you i would have went vegeta on your mom(when he flips out vocally), even if i was baked
    id be like how old am I? exactly so back the fuck off mom, and what you thought dad never told me the shit you did when you were younger, compared to you im a fuckan saint. you lowlife hypocrite. im doing weed and weed only. and dont worry, when i move out, im gonna be long gone, you will never hear from me again you pathetic lush. i like pot, anyone who says other can go die in a hole
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    I don't see anywhere where it said he dose it in his mom's house.
  14. He's 'high' in his mother's house.
  15. Deny Deny Deny. Your 20, also grow a pair and don't let your mom take your phone/get your own phone.
  16. your not google :p
  17. Hey MontyBurns, long time no see man!
    Sucks you got caught but keep on puffin' lol
  18. This

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  19. Come on, dude. You're 20. She probably should be a little more chill about it, but just get high and put visine in. A 12 year old could even do that. It helps ;)
  20. 1 .i don't smoke in my own house (we'll i have but my mom wasn't in the country at the time)
    2. wouldn't any stoner be annoyed at that fact?
    Probably would have to move out immediately after saying that
    She had it for less then 24hrs before she realized that she was over reacting last night, she didn't take it, she asked for it and i said take it it'll save me $80 this month anyways
    She's very very very anti-drug + anti-drinking. If i use visine will it stop my eye's from getting low?

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