I got busted!

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  1. Well yesterday I was caught with 3 ounces of pot and scales, all at a school so that makes it much worse. Stopped by there because I knew a kid who I hadn't seen in a while was there... Well he somehow figured out I was carrying weight and told the school officials. They called the police and I was in cuffs before I knew it. The cop told me, if they wanted to push for it, I could get 10 years in jail. Doubt that I will get 10 years but I will probably end up with a few months to years in jail. I know the kid who snitched on me too, and since I don't go to that school anymore there isn't much I can do but I know a lot of people who are just waiting to beat the kids ass :) Funny thing is, this kid use to be all wrapped up in drugs... Snorting coke and shit but now he is snitching on people just so he could have a little more freedom his senior year because he decided to fuck up last year. Crazy fucking people.
  2. Fuck man. That's horrible. I don't know what to tell you. Hopefully you can strike up some plea deal, and skip the pen. Is this your first time?
  3. I had a couple of run ins when I was under 18 but they were wiped off my record. If a plea deal entails snitching, looks like I will be locked up for quite a while because I can't do it.

    I live in a small community so everyone knows who I am and what went down... Hell they knew me from the first couple of times but this time it's a lot worse.
  4. Well if you have a clean record, hopefully you can work something out, y'know?

    And if they ask you to snitch say you only knew the person as Suzy Homemaker or John Doe.. and that you have no clue as to their whereabouts because you'd meet them at a corner or in a park where they always where.. or some shit.. :p
  5. Time to lawyer up.

    It might cost you a few bucks, but it will be worth it, especially in a small community like yours.

    I'm sure there's at least one competent defense attorney who's been practicing in your area for a while.

    Keep in mind--Lawyers and judges are buddies. Do your research and figure out who would give you the best chance of avoiding jail time.

    I'd also suggest not putting yourself in a position where something like this could happen again. It's never a good idea to carry that much with you, regardless of where you're headed.

    Good luck, man.
  6. Sucks to hear that. I'm sure that kid will get beat the shit out of soon. Hopefully you can get a very good lawyer, I wish you luck.
  7. youre probably going to have a felony im guessing.

    i did 10 days in jail because i got caught with half oz, scales, and baggies, all after running from the cops and ditching on foot.

    the only bad thing is that it was in a school area. that makes things much much worse!! im guessing youre out on bail right now?

    youll want to get a great lawyer soooooo try and pay the extra money. TRUST ME
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    I LOL at people who are stupid enough to bring the shit to a school. Not to mention the escalators for doing the shit in a school zone.

    Don't be a fool, don't sell your weed at a school.
  9. Re-read the OP...he didn't go to the school anymore and wasn't a student.

    Still, carrying 3 oz and a scale is never a good idea, wherever you go.
  10. let me get this straight..you went out of your way to see an old friend, and he ratted you out to the cops?
  11. My bad, I misread. I edited my post to reflect this.

    Either way I can't believe someone would risk getting caught in a school zone. not to mention, with weight AND a scale no less. You get raped in the courts and the court of public opinion.
  12. Why would you carry 3 O's and some scales on you to school, anyways? That's just ASKING for trouble imo.
  13. ...my question. And 3 zips on school property? C'mon mang.
  14. It wasn't a bright idea but I have been doing it for forever... I got fucked over but that kid will get his and I will definitely be the one to give it to him, or the numerous amount of people at that school who do know me will do it. Hell, when I was arrested I didn't have the chance to talk to anyone and there were already 20 people waiting for him after school was let out.

    He got me this time, but it won't happen again. Right when I am out of trouble, there is no changing me, I am going to go right back to where I was. It will also be a glorious day when I prove everyone in that school that said I wouldn't make it, wrong.

    I don't go to that school to clarify for everyone. I knew some kids there, and this kid just came back so I thought I would stop by and see him. Well... before you know it, I am in cuffs in the back of a squad car. Definitely a stupid move on my part but it's already done and there isn't anything I can do about it now.

    It's funny too because I have not met one cop that can search my truck and get everything out of it. I just picked it back up today and found a couple of little buds and some roaches, and I am sure there is more so now I get to smoke!

  15. Yea, that "drug-free school zone" shit really fucks you over. Parents gasp.

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