I Got Busted Today (must read this!)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by weedzilla420, Apr 8, 2004.

  1. Yeah it's true. Today I got busted at school. The whole situation is totally bullshit. Today at school they were doing this big drug sweep. In the middle of 2nd period I got called out my my class by my administrator and she wouldn't tell me what was going on until I got to her office. When I got there she closed the door and told me to have a seat. There were about 4 wake co public school security officials there. They said that I had been identified as a student who might be in possession of illegal substances. (They had busted another student earlier that day and he had given out a bunch of names of people who he thought might smoke; my name was one of them so that's how all this shit started.) A security official tells me to take off my shoes and my jacket. She goes through all my stuff (pockets, bookbag, jacket, shoes, etc) and they don't find jack shit! Now they want to search my car out in the school parking lot (this is where it gets bad). When I get to the parking lot there are about 5 or 6 more security officials out by my car waiting for me. When we get out there they say that I have to let them search my car (no probable cause or search warrant; they did not say that I had a choice so I DID NOT consent to the search). They identified themselves as law enforcement at first (come to find out later they're just wake co security with no legal jurisdiction). They search my car and find a few roaches, my precious pipe, and a little bit of residue. Now my administrator is telling me that I'm in all this major trouble and that my cooporation will determine what my punishment would be. He wanted names of the major drug dealers in the school. I'm like "look, i'm not ratting anybody out. that's wrong." (even though someone did that shit to me; if/when I find out who they are they are in for the ass kicking of a lifetime; I'm talking about serious shit going down like putting their bitch ass in the motherfucking hospital.) After they were done searching the car they take me back to the office. Since I've never been in any trouble before they only gave me a 5 day suspension out of school, plus I got to go to ACE (drug counseling class which costs $400...damn, I could buy a lot of weed with $400.) The contraband was also turned over to the school resource officer, and he wrote me a citiation for 2 misdemeanors (possession of less than 1/2 oz and drug paraphenelia.) So I have to go to court too. For those of you who don't know, the supreeme court case, TLO vs NJ established the prescident that allows the schools to conduct searches w/o warrants or probable cause as long as they have "reasonable cause" (whatever the fuck that means) However, since the contraband was obtained w/o a warrant or probable cause, I think that there is a good chance I might be able to get the charge dismissed under the court's jurisdiction, since courts are different than school. Also one of my close friends got busted too. He was also identified as a student who might have drugs so they searched him and they did not find anything illegal. They did find a pill bottle that contained about 70 tripple C's. Because of that they suspended him for 5 days and are making him go to ACE as well. They suspended him for the possession of a fucking Over the Counter medication. To what end will this oppression go!!! So I say fuck the wake co public school system, fuck the school administration, fuck the police, fuck the school security and fuck the horse they all rode in on! Fight the power, I sure as hell will!
  2. i didnt read it because its too long, sorry, but dont worry...cus i got caught at school too, my freshamn year....i was takin in when i was ditchin class, security said i was under the influence...well, they checked my shit, and found my 2 lighters, and pipe, then after that, the cops tested my eyes and stance and shit......i was prooved sober......
  3. at least you did the right thing by not giving any consent and not ratting anyone out. find out who gave your name and whoop them off school grounds.
  4. wtf? thats fucking bullshit. dude how is somebody saying your name cause they think you might smoke pot probably cause?

    dude try to get all that shit thrown out, cause i doubt somebody giving them your name is probable cause enough for a search and you didnt consent to it

    i think in court they would find it as yadayada evidence and you coulndt be charged with it
  5. if I were you I'd get a lawyer, whether a court appointed one or your own. Also, I'd try to go after the school district for pulling that bullshit, i'm sure a lawyer could find some civil right the school/police violated. But from what you said, you have a 90% chance of getting off so I wouldnt even worry about that.
  6. i had a friend who had that mess hapen to him at school like a while back when i was still in highschool... they searched him, his locker, and when they tried to search his car he got in it and just drove off... drove right over a security guards foot too, that he put there so the kid couldnt leave LOL yeah right....... he got suspended for 3 days but that was just for leaving and rolling the guys foot... he had a pipe and i think a couple joints on him but i think he damn well made the right choise about the leaving part... i mean getting a dissorderly conduct or a posession charge is a big diff....... however i do feel for u buddy and i sugest u do find that little nark shit and if u live near wisconsin pm me ill come over there and help u curb stomp his little bitch ass to... no I'm not joking.... also I'm pretty sure youll be able to get some sort of charge reduction... bravo for not consenting.... fight on.. stay strong..... fuck the man every chance u can :D

    good luck buddy
  7. every one of these "caught" stories on the city always involve osomeone giving consent to a search of their stuff to people with no law enforment or legal right to do such a task. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS PEOPLE...

  8. amen to that brother... theres a link somewhere on one of these catagories thats a sticky hmmm i know unoit posted it lemme see if i can find it.... eh n/m i dont have that much ambition :D
  9. if they said they were law enforcement, get em for impersonating a police officer
  10. never got caught in school but i have in the public.
    damn... cant imagine how much il shit my self if i got caught in school.

    anyway... dont worry, be happy now.
  11. My deepest condolence dude......I'll send you lots of good karma your way. Be real thankful you didn't lose your freedom.
  12. Today I found out that I'm elligible for the first offenders program. it works like this:

    The North Carolina First Offender Program was set up in 1990 in order to provide structured alternative sentencing and substance abuse education for first-time misdemeanor drug and alcohol offenders. In theory the program does not allow for bias in sentencing since outcome is based on performance of the offender. Prior to the offender's court date, he/she must complete a 15-hour education program and not be convicted of any subsequent charges while enrolled. Those who finish the program are found not guilty. Those who do not complete the program are found guilty in District Court.
  13. i live in md and have the same first offenders program...its a lot of bullshit but stick through it, do what they say, and you'll be puffin again in no time...just dont mess that shit up cuz its really a good chance to get off easy...good luck my man
  14. Someone ratted on me before. When I got out of jail I took a baseball bat. Walked into the school, into his class, and hit him as hard as I could across the face with the bat. I then hit him 2 more times while he was on the ground. I spent the next year of my life in prison for attemted murder. But to this day I swear it was worth it.
  15. oh my god...
  16. Ok if thats true then youre fucking sick. Why would try to fuck someones face and body up for grassing you up.

  17. I find this hard to believe, and if you really did this, it is one of the most idiotic things I have ever heard of.
  18. ^^^ True

    Anyhow, how did they search your car if you didnt give consent? Was it unlocked or did they steal your keys?

    Ida been luck, fuck no. Make them fucking bust into my car if they wanted to search it. Or tell them i didnt drive today.
  19. i wouldnt even try to cooperate with them, they obviously were in the wrong so why should you have to do all that BS, i say just fight it in court.
  20. DONT BRING SHIT TO SCHOOL.. It's the only way to get busted there..
    And I'm pretty sure that the school pretty much owns you, when your dealing with the schools safety, or drug policy.

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