I got busted for doing... nothing.

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  1. So I've been tossing around this idea in my head since it happened (two weeks ago today, January 29th).

    Here's the story, and if you don't want to read the whole thing, there will be a TL;DR at the end.

    So I'm still in high school, and I'm on independent studies (which in a nutshell is home-schooling, only you can attend classes on campus and get classes done faster). Most people don't give me any respect because I'm on independent studies, but I have a 3.5-3.8 GPA and take AP classes and am by no means a bad student or a bad kid. All of my teachers like me and I get along with almost anyone (except your typical lazy stoner kids because we have different ideas on pot). Anyway, on independent studies, there are teachers that the students meet with these teachers once a week, and there are two rooms available for students to go in and study and work if they can't be at home or if they have no where else to go (i.e. time to kill in between classes on campus). So there is a teacher's assistant position that counts as a class give credits for working five hours a week (like a normal high school class) and you make copies, correct papers, do meaningless work like that. It isn't fun, but the teachers appreciate it, and that's why I am their T.A. The three teachers all appreciate me, respect me, treat me as an equal (as opposed to a subordinate), and this is the benefit I get from doing this work.

    To get to the point: on the 29th, I had an assignment in my multimedia class to go out and film my town (we have a small town) from up on these hills near the school. So my friend and I grab a pipe and some pot from my house (nearby and on the way to where we are filming) and head up into the hills to smoke a bowl and get creative and artistic, ya know?

    So we smoke and we do our filming, and then we go back to class. We return our equipment and our multimedia teacher knows that we're high because our eyes had gotten unexpectedly red (more red then usual, like the devil's eyes, ya know?). But he's a cool guy and he likes us and respects us, so he laughs at us and sends us on our way because it's apparent that we're perfectly fine and not really doing anything wrong.

    So I go to my next class which happens to be this T.A. class. Now, I've been high in this class before, but it's never been apparent. So I walk in (keep in mind, I don't smell like pot at all), say hi to the teacher in the classroom, grab my stuff, and start to do the work assigned to me. About five minutes pass when the teacher comes into the T.A. room and asks me how I am. I tell her I'm fine and then continue with my work (I usually don't like talking to them much). Then she looks at me and blatantly asks me if I'm high. I tell her no, she looks at me in the eyes, squints a little, then gets down to eye level with me and proceeds to stare me in the eyes and tell me "You look stoned."
    I tell her that I'm not and she leaves. I didn't have to give her a reason my eyes looked red, I could just tell her that I wasn't stoned and she would leave me alone. Or so I thought....

    Another couple of minutes pass and she comes back in, closes the door, sits down, and says to me "I don't like doing this, but I care for your well being and safety. Nina (the campus psuedo-cop) is here to take you to the office, we'll have someone come for your things." Then she leaves and I'm basically sitting there flabbergasted at the GALL of this woman.

    So I stand up in a stupor and think about how I'm going to talk my way out of this. I leave the room and meet Nina outside. She asks me "So you've been smoking pot?"
    "No." I tell her.
    "Ok, well, we'll see about that." She says.

    Then I visually facepalm and walk with her to the office because it doesn't look like I'm going to be able to get out of this. When I get to the office, there is a real cop there. I tell her the same thing and she performs this "are you blazed test" on me and apparently, I fail.

    So they call my dad as I give them a written statement, blah blah blah I get suspended for five days and have to sign a contract saying that if I do something worth suspension again this year, I'll be expelled.

    TL;DR: too bad motherfuckers, I lied. Read the story you lazy bastards.

    Anyway, my deal is this: what do you think about the teacher taking it upon herself to try to save me from myself by getting me in DEEP SHIT with the school, the cops, and more importantly, my parents?

    As far as I am concerned, I wasn't doing anything wrong. I was going to my class and doing my work. I wasn't disturbing anyone, I wasn't ditching class, I wasn't getting in anyone's shit or causing a problem for ANYONE. So what's the big deal if I'm functioning and doing the shit required of me?

    So GC, do you think I should throw my bong water in the teach's face (metaphorically of course) for being a cunt?
  2. what a bitch of a teacher

    dont throw your bong water at her, pour it on her carpet and tell the school you smelled pot in her room

    she fucks with you, you fuck with her :cool:
  3. You shouldn't have gotten high before class. That's just asking for it, in my opinion. And what did you think she was going to do? Teachers become teachers because they want to help kids; narcing on you is like second nature to her! But I agree, if you're a good worker and are respectful to her, she shouldn't have narced. Guy teachers seem to understand better, which makes sense. Female teachers tend to have "I want to be a mommy, so I teach to compensate" kind of Freudian-inspired, bullshit attitude to teaching.

    And I wish they had had that independent studies thing at my school! Is it like homeschooling with a campus portion? If I had been working at my own pace, I'd have finished high school when I was a Freshman. -_-

  4. I totally agree.
    If I was doing anything abnormal, I would've deserved it, but the way I saw it, nothing was different that day.

    Basically. I have 2 classes on campus (advanced multimedia and AP calculus and then my T.A. period) and the rest of my classes (three other classes) I do on my own time at home. So I'm only at school for about 3 hours a day.
  5. That kicks so much ass!

    I have a sneaking suspicion the male teacher told the female teacher. That must be how you got busted. ._.
  6. Wait, so did they find the pipe on you? If not, I don't really understand the concept of proving that a fully functional person is baked :s

    Anyways yeah, throw the bong water. :)
  7. dude that fucking sucks.

    Glad to see another stoner who didn't get shitty grades, we need more people like that to help kick the bad rap stoners have.

    BTW i took some independant studies courses too! Mostly my math courses, so i could make room in my timetable for other classes i wanted to do.

    I picked math because the independant studies math teacher was a fucking fantastic teacher.

    Didn't take Honours math tho, its not really my strong suit.

    I took Advanced Biology though, my absolute best subject ever.

    Its too bad weed has such a negative stigma, it can really ruin good relationships. Thanks DEA:mad:
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    No, he didn't. We're actually friends (me and my multimedia teacher) and I'm friends with his daughter. He dgaf about pot.

    This is what my citation said: "Due to a violation of California Education Code 48900, Section (c), "Unlawfully possessed, used, sold, or otherwise furnished, or been under the influence of any controlled substance, ...an alcoholic beverage, or an intoxicant of any kind," and (k), "disrupted school activities or otherwise willfully defied valid authority", your child has been suspended from school for 5 days."

    No joke, that's what it says. When I asked the VP about the second part (defying authority), she said that basically breaking any rule is "defying 'valid' authority" which is complete bullshit if you ask me because I wasn't disrupting or defying anything.

    Edit: no I dropped the pipe off at my house before I went back to school (it stunk like a motherfuck).

    Thanks, Juan.
  9. I would go up to the teacher and tell her what she put you through and pull the guilt trip technique on her.
  10. I read the whole thing before i saw that, but that is fucking hilarious!

    Anyway, that teacher of yours sounds like a real bitch, I dont really get how they can suspend you becuase they think your high. That always pissed me off about highschool, the whole having NO rights when your on their property.

    Pouring the bong water on her carpet sounds like a good idea, make sure its at least a month old :p

  11. I'm not a very confrontational person, and since I have to continue seeing her every day, I'm holding off on telling her that I think she's a cunt until after I'm graduated.

    But yes, I am going to make sure she knows how much shit she caused for me.
  12. I don't think there's such thing as "blaze test"... I would maybe try calling a lawyer that will consult you for free.
  13. You should act all dejected and sad or some shit, play it off like it ruined your life. :p Non-confrontational, and effective!
  14. How can you possibly be suspended when they found no physical evidence on you? I know a lot of people who have never smoked weed in their life but seem "stoned" all the time. I also know a lot of people who look "stoned" when they are a little tired.

    I can't comprehend a five day suspension for seeming "stoned" when they have no physical evidence against you.

    I still don't understand how you lose all rights when on high school grounds. If you go to a public school the same rules should apply as if you were in any public building.

    I'm tired of people wiping their ass with the Constitution.
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    I had to stand up, tilt my head all the way back, close my eyes, and count to twenty. If you're high, you sway back and forth.

    Then she did this thing with her pen and I had to follow it with my eyes without moving my head. Apparently, your eyes bounce back and forth like basketballs if you're stoned.

    And I don't really give a shit enough. I'm not expelled, I'm still going to college, I'm still graduating and walking at the ceremony. I just can't go to school high any more.

    Oh well, I'll just wait a couple of hours and get high at home.


    Trust me, I've been down this path before. It's complete bullshit, and I know that. Hell, even my dumbass, cock-sucker of a principle probably knows that.

    And I don't understand how we lose our rights, but we do. And unfortunately, we have to live with it.
  16. Like it means anything anymore...the government throws itself out the window whenever it feels the need...or on any other occasion. :(
  17. Yeah I know it does, and not only do people let it happen (that would be sad enough) but they want it to happen.

  18. I hope you at least stood your ground and fought for the fact you weren't high.

    It sucks enough being busted when you're high, but it's even worse when you're sober.
    I hope you defended yourself properly, or at least conveyed the fact they were wrong in what they were doing.
  19. if she floats, shes a witch, if she sinks to the bottom and drowns, shes not a witch. great logic.
    or you could use arctic v cool :)
  20. Yes, I adamantly fought that I wasn't high (which was complete bullshit, but I didn't want to get in trouble).

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