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i got banned from stoner forums in 2 days

Discussion in 'General' started by kbubb91, Oct 14, 2011.

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  1. whoa. the internet just got serious.
  2. Quoting this for future reference, if I'm ever asked why I don't respect the mods around here.

  3. Shit got real..

  4. respect the mods, we GAVE you guys a thread that is AGAINST THE RULES because you wanted it...

    You guys broke rules, caused drama and all together, nothing beneficial to the city actually happened in there.....

    What im saying is, its work for us to keep threads that gain 3k posts in a few months clean, it didnt stay clean, even after adding EXTRA help to it...

    So in essence we give you guys a gift, which gave us more work, and you think were the bad guys?

    Were the bad guys, cause you guys couldnt follow the rules...whatever floats your boat, but thats not helping your case
  5. Yeah, a lot of forums actually see obsessive posting as spamming.

    But with this forum, there's so many sections and so many members that it really doesn't matter.
  6. yeah. somehow you're giving the impression that it was more warranted than you want to think. :devious:
  7. I must say, over two years, and I still come back as do many others who have been around longer; GC still changes though.

    I mean the no drug rule changed the place, the dead thread changed the place, there will always be other things that change the place, and as long as it does, I'll probably end up coming back...
  8. you cant say nothing cause we raised you forum rank a bit(not sure how but im sure you benefit from that, even if its just bragging rights) with that thread, we were doing a lot of pages a day:cool::smoke: and yes i will admit, a lot of us just liked to be silly cause we were..................get ready for the answer.............HIGH:bongin::gc_rocks:
    how high, this high :hippie: most of us posting crap are going going, GONE!!!

    now drama, i havent seen any recently but it probably happened when i wasnt on.

    no disrespect intended
  9. getting high is not an excuse for fucking with the mods. in fact, fucking with the mods might instead be a reason not to get high if somehow you can't help it. why can't we have nice stuff? because some of us can't get high without breaking it?
  10. do i care, not really, at least they could have given a warning. they just up and banned me for spamming.

  11. Let me just... give you a REAL life example of what dead hours is to me...

    So lets say there is a family, both parents do not want a dog... but the kids wont stfu about a dog... so the parents say "if you promise to take care of it, clean its poop, keep it fed, and bathe it, you can have it"

    So they get a dog... the kids, let it poop ALL over the house, dont feed it, and dont bathe it, and it makes a huge fucking mess and the parents spend their time dealing with it....

    That dog, wont stick around

    that dog, is dead hours
  12. um if your talking post #28, i never said anything about messing with mods. in fact i frown on that activity cause they are just doing their jobs. id never tell a mod to (remembers SF) well i mean on GC cause i been here for a long time, not 2 days.
  13. And I'm a pissed off parent because I dont want to clean up the shit
    I'll clean it up a little, but like SirSog said, it shit ALL over the house
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  14. Why, why do you use other cannabis forums when you have GC :confused: GC is the best stoner forums dude, you don't need any others. :p
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  15. well apparently, when you don't care about something you react in the exact opposite manner from how i do.
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