I got attacked

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  1. Today I was driving in town when all the sudden a huge truck started tailgating me. I was just like.. whatever and slowed down to try to shake him off. Next thing I know he gets in the ONCOMING lane on a rather busy bridge and gets his car level with mine and is trying to like scream at me and shit. so then I am going through a town with him right next to me and his lane started to merge away so he just DROVE into me. His front bumper hit just behind my back door. I spun and almost hit a pedestrian. At this point I Freak out and drive like 60mph in a 25 trying to get away and call the cops. He is following me and I am talking to the cops. He then got next to me and saw I was on the phone and turned around completely. I met the cops and we went to the station. He was already there because he fuckin went there first to make a bullshit story. He told the cops that I "hit and ran" so he was chasing me. yeah..... just look at the damage and you can see that he HIT ME. The cops looked at my registration, and they asked to search my car (I still don't know why) I said OK even though I had a quarter ounce in my car but it was in a locked compartment, and they didn't want to get a warrent. Anyhow since there was no "evidence" and we had different stories he didn't get in ANY trouble. Also he doesn't have to pay for the damages.... He tried to kill me... I was so scared... Anyhow I just smoked a blunt to calm down, and it's not really working. What should I do?
  2. worse story ever.
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    Just hide.

    I suggest under a bridge. That's where trolls usually hide.

    If by chance you're being for real, then hide. Cause he gun kill you.

  4. Today I was driving and some car was going soo slow. Then he goes even slower! So I pull on the side on him on a pretty much deserted bridge to give him a piece of my mind, next thing I know the lane is ending and I try to merge back over. I accidentally nudge the back end of his car, and he takes it into tokyo drift mode almost hitting some poor sucker. Then I try to catch him to apologize and he's already calling the cops. I explained what really happened and the police completely understood. Some people I swear :rolleyes:

    just kidding OP that shit is seriously fucked up. Maybe he mistook you for someone he knows and possibly wants to collect $ from. How bad was the damage do you think? Try to ball park a price ..
  5. Friday the 13th bro...
  6. this has happened to me before, except the guy went away when i waved my gun at him

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