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I Got a very dank pickup called neo from the medical clinicc and my mom is stealing

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by (.)(.)KUSH, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. :eek:i picked up a half ounce for 190 called neo kush and when iwas out my mom took the 3.7 nug and 3.5 more grams what should i do???:eek:

    i wanna enjoy this shit :smoke:
  2. #2 ZarTheDragon, Jan 27, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 27, 2009
    make her pay you a grip of cash.
    like was some forsure dank.
    stash your herb away from her.
  3. Damn I'd slap the shit out of her.
  4. i put it in the best place i dont know where i could put it so she cant see it and i cant make her pay me thats fucked up its a medical pick up too and it has crystals every where
  5. when i got back home today from in n out she took the eithgh :wave:
  6. ask her why your stash is gone and see what she sais, go from there.
  7. i already did i said where the fuck is all my shit stop taking my shit i found out she took my crushes too
  8. sucks man, thats the worst
  9. get it back!
  10. holy shit keep that shit from her or offer to buy some for her if she wants some..make a really good place maybe even burry most of it and just keep a small stash on u / in your house.
  11. is your mom like a feind?that is wicked fucked up dude.
  12. i mean a gram is one thing but a nice 8th nug and 3 more grams, that shit is wack:eek:
  13. bitches be crazy
  14. All day.

    Stash it and make her pay for your
    meds if she's gonna be stealing them.
  15. shhitttttttttttt stash that in some otha room or outside or some shit, and tell her if you need some weed give u the money ull buy for her
  16. Make her pay you, or hide it really well. It's not difficult. Like someone else said, bury it. But honestly, this is rediculous. Your mom is a straight fiend. How does she even justify doing something like that? This is your medicine. A prescribed medicine, that you have to pay for. Why don't you just offer to smoke her out?
  17. Bitch move on her part.
    Have u ever taken an exacto knife to the inside of a book?
    Not only does it actually work, but its like straight out of the movies.
    My mom hasn't found it yet
  18. i got a axse spray can used it all then poped the top and put a pill bottle in it Then put the top back on she will never kno lol. But if u really want a good place i use to stash mine in my acoustic guitar. But IMO jsut go buy some kind of toy with a removable batery pack and jsut take the bats out and put the weed in
  19. yeah your mother is fucked up

    I happen to have a 10"x10"x18" combination and key safe that i got from office max for under 100 bucks I believe, you can probably find cheaper ones. Just get something like that since she obviously knows you smoke. Just decorate the safe and put a big sign on it that says "I keep all my weed in here" and leave it in a real obvious place.

    Keep the key around your neck or on your keychain...but even if she gets it...she won't know the combination...

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