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i got a ticket for possesion of marijuana in CA

Discussion in 'General' started by solid_snake, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. i live in oceanside and it was less than an ounce on what it says on the ticket and i wasnt under the influence or anything my friend was stupid he left his bud on the passanger seat and there was a check point comin up i dindnt think there was weed there and they flashed the lights on it and saw the sack...

    how much will the ticket cost?
    will this be on my permanent record?
    it says on the ticket if i bail i will be convicted of a violation and it will appear on my dmv record and my insurance cud be affected?

    what does that mean? please explain
  2. Cali under 1 oz is a $100 dollar ticket, and a misdemeanor if i'm correct. I'm pretty sure if you go to court, the judge will take it off your record, they have better things to do than worry about a little bit off weed.
  3. but it says if i appear in court i have to do traffic schoool? what do i say to the judge to get me out of it

  4. Shit you would think so.
  5. Wtf that's weird they must have written it as the driver's possession, so it's kinda like a dui but not really. It's hard to explain, just gotta tell the judge the truth, you will probably get away clean, at the most some community service for being caught with it in the car at a checkpoint.
  6. ok so will the judge be nice to get it off my record or will he be an ass? if hes gonna be nice what do i tell him to get it off the record
  7. Most likely if you tell the judge that she/he will believe you and take care of at least most of it.
  8. it says it on the back page not on the side that it has written stuff..

    it says

    1 bail and it will be on my record and dmv will keep it in ther records
    2 appear on court traffic skool and all that
    3 contest it in court
  9. How many times do I have to say this?

    Your going to jail :mad:

    foreal, your in cali, man, oceanside doesn't sound too bad either, I doubt they'd do shit. I've been on probation for a felony in OK for 1.6 grams (4 people got slapped with the same for this measly amount of weed) for a few years. Traffic school? I'm laughing at you bad naturedly....

    Bah!:mad::mad: Don't complain, make your friend pay for the shit, he's a dumbass, always put the weed above your waistband, if they can't smell it they won't feel it on your person because while they grab your crosh they don't touch the areas between your belt and you boxers waistband. Gotten frisked twice with a QP and gotten off scott freezy
  10. ok so i should go to court then and ask them for forgiveness or something right? cuz if i bail it says it will be a violation...
  11. Deffinitly go to court. The judge doesn't give a fuck and a half about some weed, he's seen it a mamillion times. But he will be pissed if you defy court orders to appear. That'll get you a bench warrent I beleive.
  12. so should i just admit it and say sorry and be nice?
  13. TDG most certainly would.
  14. well they said it will appear in my mail box and i dont want my parents to see this shit.... will the mail say i got a minor ticket or will it actually say possesion of marijuana? and how long does the mail usually take?
  15. You would have to ask someone in California, In Oklahoma you go to jail, immidietly, and then you get a court date. And about 6-7 more after that extending over the period of about 12 months. And that's if you get a misdemeanor. If your lucky.

  16. i live in san diego and my expierience was they mailed it to my house, i got a "summon" to appear in court and it basically said what i was charged for and it said like penal code bunch of numbers. less than ounce etc. and the letter will prob take awhile depending how fast the cops are at processing paperwork, it took me a few weeks for mine
  17. ok can i just go to court or do i have to wait for the mail to come in?
  18. They have to set a date and mail it to you. I had mine sent my courier, who had me sign the envelope to prove I received it.
  19. one more problem.... does my dad have to show up to court or can it be me? i ask this cuz the car is registered to my dad but the ticket was obviously under my name... i no for sure the mail will say my dads name... but i no itwill be my record not his.. so can i show up to court or does it have to be him?
  20. I use to live in oceanside :smoking:

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