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i got a sperm whale stuck in my bowl

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bump840, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. i'm thinking of just getting that piece cleaner stuff at the head shop would that work
  2. Smoke him out with lots of nuggets
  3. Im calling Whale Wars
  4. i don't think a dick bong is going to help my situation! and in fact I don't think a dick bong would help really anything in life, and why you would get one I don't even know!
  5. iso and a shit-ton of salt.
  6. I doubt you've got one of these in your bowl.

  7. hahaha this thread just made me convulse with lulz
  8. ill give ya a sperm whale
  9. I dont understand how people's pieces get so dirty. I have had my piece for almost a year (used EVERYDAY) and i could easily try to return it (I know you cant) but it is just that clean!

    I just used isopropyl alcohol and salt. Pipe cleaners bent also help for inside the downstem and such.

    Watch out for chemicals like that calcium lime rust (CLR) or watever it it. I heard it can take off labeling.
  10. what a
  11. trollolol.

    go out with friends, its more fun.

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