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Discussion in 'General' started by will_thc, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. ok my best friend stop smoking i don't really know why but now I'm like the only kid that does it at my school and some people like look down on because of it and i know they don't understand marijuana since they have grown up in a highly anti weed enviorment but its just not fun to smoke alone, there is really no one that i know at all like even there name that smoke weed, beside where i get my shit from and those people are like ten years older then me. so what the hell should i do i would just get baked all the time but i don't really have enough money and please dont say get a job cause i have one. but seriously what should i do?:(
  2. Buy a stuffed animal. The you won't be alone when you smoke:D
  3. seriously it is reallly fucking gay to smoke by your self unless you have like white widow or if you have shrooms
  4. where u from?
  5. roswell goeriga i know there are alot of smoker here but theres none my age and not many i trust to much
  6. sorry not by me lol
  7. I smoke by myself all the time, sometimes I prefer it.
  8. I lived in roswell, GA for like 4 years. Lotta good herb there if ya got the money, that is.
  9. but i love getting high with a bunch of people and go to a place like lazer tag
  10. If you ACTUALLY are the only one at your HIGH school that smokes ill give you a bj. no homo

  11. And with that, I'm off...

  12. im not in high school
  13. Junior high? don't say college because at least 1 in 3 smokes in college.
  14. What makes you think that?

  15. What the fuck are you in then.
  16. y dont you just quit smoking then?? i mean its not like you really need it, and if you dont enjoy being high by yourself, then theres no reason to get high if ur not gonna enjoy it

    doesnt seem like a problem... if u really like smokin that much, u'd smoke by yourself, but since you obviously do it for social reasons, if theres no one to smoke socially with, then just dont smoke
  17. what i mean is that to me unless i have some strong ass weed or shrooms it is not that much fun to me well its fun but alot more fun with other people
  18. o hell no i dont do it for social resons man i love weeed and now that i think about it im not gana quit i just got a little pissed my good smokeing bubby quit
  19. let me guess boy scouts>?:eek:
  20. what the fuck hell no the thing i do is smoke weed skate and play guitar

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