I got a question about my new workout routine

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  1. I started a new workout routine about a month ago.

    I got those perfect pushups.

    The perfect pushup workout has you doing the pushup routines every other day.Regular, Wides and Close.

    After I finish the pushups I do 4 sets of pull ups.

    On the days I'm not doing the pushups and pull ups. I do free weights. Shoulders, Upright Rows, Triceps, Delts, Bicep Curls, Abs and Forearms and Wrists.

    Cardio: I play basket ball 2 or so hours a day. Right now no cardio because it's too cold and I live in the middle of nowhere and I don't know where I can play basketball indoor.

    I usually rest at least one day a week.

    I don't want to over do it. That's pretty much the question. I'm not over doing it am I?
  2. On paper it sounds pretty perfect.

    But the most important input you should be listening to is your body. As long as you don't feel drained when you work out, then you're getting adequate rests.
  3. Sounds like good advice. Listen to your body. And I haven't had any bad pain, just the soreness.
  4. yea keep up what youre doing. when your body is overloaded you wont feel motivated to workout, thats when you have to switch up the reps, exercises, sets, etc. in order to keep your muslces stimulated.
  5. I'm not sure about the intensity you use in your work outs.
    But I have a couple of points for you, rather important ones:

    1. What is your goal?
    If you want to gain lean muscles, I'd suggest a slightly different work out plan.

    2. Nutrition.
    Whatever the goal is, you need very proper nutrition to back your activities up.
    So wether you do this, or another routine, I'd recommend supplements. Simple ones like proteine and BCAA's.

    3. Rest and Recuperation speak for themselves. Every other day a full pushup routine is quite alot.

    So if you want to stay in shape, youre doing it right.
    If you want to gain serious mass in muscle, I'd say do it differently.

    So depending on your response I could give you more advice.
    I'm not a professional, but been in this game for a while so I know a few knicks.

    Holla back
  6. I think about exercise as something I still want to be doing when I'm 80, not as something to go hard at when I'm young and then stop. So I run and work out every day (except if I'm sick, injured or run out of time) and I try real hard not to injure myself by doing anything wrong. I also include yoga and martial arts elements because when I'm 80 these may be what I do the most and I don't want to have to learn them then.

    Just thought I'd add that coz it's kinda a different way of looking at things. GL.
  7. I'm not into using supplements. I had a Navy Seal training book and one of the rules is don't take nutrition advice from someone trying to sell you something.

    I agree on the nutrition.

    My goal is a six pack and a fit athletic body. Like a UFC fighter.
  8. I have had some martial arts training and I love it, there just aren't any martial arts where I'm at. Otherwise I would definately be doing that and great advice.
  9. If your goal is competitive lifting (or strength similar to one), building large amounts of muscle, or being in UFC shape I'd recommend you don't listen to what you read in a Navy SEAL handbook. Nothing against the SEALS or our military, but if it says that then I wonder how many other lies are in the book.

    Whats your actual free weight plan? Could you maybe write it out like this?

    Day 1: Pushups
    Day 2: Rest
    Day 3: Free weights (then say the lifts)

    • Bench press: 180lbs x 10, 190lbs x 8, 200lbs x 5

    Day 4: Rest

    And, supplements are extremely helpful, creatine, whey protein, etc.
  10. I'm a senior Health Promotion student at university, and a trainer and instructor at our faculty wellness center. What you're doing sounds pretty good, however a few suggestions:

    1. Please, please make sure you are working all major muscle groups. On your lifting days, incorporate leg and core work as well. You've got a solid upper body workout down, but if your abdominals and back are weak, all that extra muslce mass could lead to issues and potenital injuries.
    2. Also, one of the worst things I see in my gym is what we girls refer to as "the pyramid man," or a guy who only works upper body, so has tiny legs and large arms, and looks like an upside down pyramid. Not attractive.
    3. Be sure you're getting enough carido. Even if you can't get out to play basketball, at minimum do 20 minutes of cardio 3-5 days a week. Run (indoor or outdoor), bike, swim, whatever. Even if you are doing 5 min four times a day, that's better than not doing it at all. Or you can do a circuit or your lifting days, (ex. 1 set of weights, 1 min of jogging/jumping jacks/jumping rope/etc, and repeat)
    4. I'm glad you are including a rest day, but keep in mind to give major muscle groups one day of rest. For example "Mondays do arms, tuesdays cardio/abs, Wednesdays arms/legs(full body), thursdays carido/abs, fridays legs, saturday cardio/abs, sunday complete rest" is what I genreally recommend to my clients.
    5. Nutrition, eat well. Simple as that. Concentrate on whole grains, lean proteins, fruit, vegetables and limited fats. If you're getting enough calories and suffient proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats, and carbs from eating whole foods, there's no need for supplements.
  11. Don't buy supplements; all it is, is marketing. You can get all the nutrition your body needs through food. Supplement companies won't tell you that because then they'd go out of business. Same way how Big Pharma would rather you be a slave to their medicine for a lifetime rather then telling you to change your diet.
  12. I'd love to see a diet as good as a strong workout stack. He should be dieting anyway if he plans on getting stronger and bigger, supplements give him the extra nutrition his body needs because he is gaining muscle and strength.

    You can get big and strong without supplementing, but you'll get a hell of alot bigger and stronger if you supplement wisely along with a good diet.
  13. A typical week would look something like this.

    Day 1: Perfect Pushups. 2 Regulars of 3 sets. 1Wide 3 sets, 1Close 3 sets.

    Day 2: Free Weights. Shoulder Press or Shrugs 1 warm up set and 3 sets. Upright Row 1 warm up set and 3 sets. Triceps 1 warm up set and 3 sets. Front or Side delts 1 warm up set and 3 sets. Bicep curls or Hammer Curls 1 warm up set and 3 sets. Wrist Curls or Grips 1 warm up set and 3 sets.

    Day 3: Perfect Pushups.

    Day 4: Free Weights.

    Day 5: Perfect Pushups.

    Day 6: Free Weights.

    Day 7: Rest.

    In the summer I try to get in a couple hours of basketball 5 or 6 days a week.

    Some weeks I ad a day or two more rest depending on how I feel.

    On the perfect pusup routine you change your workout every 21 days.
  14. My legs get pretty shredded just from playing basketball do I still need to do leg workouts with weights.

    I'm not trying to get huge.
  15. My goal is going from man to beast. Not freak of nature.
  16. Well, its already been said you should have more legs and back in your workout.
    Day 1: Bench, Day 2: Squat, Day 3: Deadlift is how I do it, and the supplementing lifts for each followed (those were the main lifts).

    Are the perfect pushups also a day of rest? It doesn't look like too intense of a workout so it could be, but you may want to pass on them after a day of free weights (or if you switch to a split workout like I said, skip them day after bench).

    If you want a ufc body/6 pack you need more cardio, and ab work. I would recommend HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) on some days, while on others long periods of lower intensity cardio. You could jump rope, ride an exercise bike, run in place, treadmill, or one of my favorite has always been going through my wrestling drills.

    Edit: Yes you still need a leg workout, and you don't become a freak of nature if you don't want to bro, it takes a much more intense workout and supplementing/diet schedule than anyone else or myself have posted.

  17. Yes.
    Basketball is a good workout, if you're moving alot and jumping, but if you aren't getting to play it often anymore, then I definitly advise leg workouts.

    If you're worried about getting huge, then stick to body weight against gravity moves like squats, lunges, and standing calf raises. However, unless tree trunk sized legs run in your family or you already have them, leg workouts aren't going to make them that size overnight. Listen to your body, if you think your legs are getting too large, then go down on weight and increase repetitions.
    I would suggest doing leg press, squats, straight leg dead lifts, hamstring curls, standing and seated calf raises, lunges, along with some plyometrics such as box jumps as a basic workout that will target most of your muscles. You can also find workouts online, and be sure to use good form to get the most out of your workout.

  18. If your doing just the perfect pushups and nothing else the routine is rest every other day.

    Isn't basketball kinda like HIIT? Some days I do jump rope. I don't have a gym available to me so since it's cold I haven't been getting any cardio.

    I have a pretty solid diet. And am in decent physical shape. I've got the diet thing down and am not at all interested in supplements.

    So I will change up my routine and add leg workouts. Which would also give my upper body a little more rest and recuperation. Sounds good to me.
  19. It is, but its not as intense as other things you could be doing if you really want that "beast" status. Maybe I'm biased against basketball as a form of workout.

    Jumping rope is actually a great cardio workout, it burns a ton of calories so you'll get that 6 pack faster.

    I feel you about not having a gym, I don't have time to go in for the rest of this semester so I've gotta do mine at home. You can do mountain climbers, they're a great workout.

    You could also do some plyometrics, a decent workout would take no more than 20 minutes and you'd notice more explosion in just a couple weeks, which would help in basketball and lifting. Jumping higher and getting off the ground faster are things any basketball player would benefit from. Not to mention the benefits from upperbody plyo's if you did them too.

  20. Basketball is a pretty intense workout. But yeah I don't have any cardio in my routine right now.

    I do have a respectable set of free weights in my home.

    I'm not new to to working out. I'm new to this routine. So I know about form and all that.

    I'm gonna be adding leg workouts so I'll be changing the routine. And since I'm limited to inddor right now. I'll prob add jumping jacks. Any other ideas for cardio I can do in my living room would be appreciated from anyone.

    What I said about wanting "beast" status is a little bit of an overexageration, but something like that.

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