I got a question about hydroponic system please somebody reply any feedback will be appreciated

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mad ganja702, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. OK my question is I'm wondering can I make a hydroponic system out of one of those IBC totes because I got a bunch of them and I know they make Aquaponic Systems with them so I was wondering if anybody has any feedback about a Hydro system with it are any links to people that have done it are any suggestions on how to do it[​IMG]

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  2. You could use them but what's the size of the grow? If it's small then that's a lot of wasted space and nutrients to fill that thing... big res like that could feed 100+ plants

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  3. Yes they will work with the right mind, you can make a hydro system out of anything you can scheme to create, it just needs to hold water and block light from getting to the roots. I would highly recommend a thorough cleaning first. Seems more like a multiple plant res or an off site reservoir to feed plants in a different area and hide your res. You we're born to create, so you'd better get started if you want results!

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  4. creativity is the godfather of inventions of our own mind : but i would check out the hydroponics grow section here on gc ,maybe even repost this in that section i'm sure you'll get feedback that you maybe looking for i hope this helps you.

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