I got a new PUPPY!!

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  1. Hello:] I got a new PUPPY in February, and I decided to show her off to GC since i'm so in love with her<3

    Shes a pit/lab/chow mix, she's light grey/brown with auburn eys<3 And her name is FATTY:p

    NOW FIRST OFF lemme tell you how I got her and why she has this terrible name...
    This could take a while..

    So my boyfriends dad rents out his rooms to people, so this one guy and his girlfriend were staying in the room next to my boyfriends, they had 3 cats and two dogs, btw, we didn't know this when they asked to move in...They said they had a cat and we said it had to stay in the room because there's already like 5 dogs over there. So now they show up with 2 extra stinky cats and two extra goddamn dogs. Oh, you have dogs? "Yeah we thought we mentioned that"
    ...yeah ok sure bitch.

    So he let them move in anyway, now they have one male dog and one female dog, the female "shady" is a straight up Pitt. Like she has some chow thrown in there, but theres no arguing that shes Pitt dominant..THEY said she was a lab. The male, "maynard" ALSO looks like a pit but you can tell he has a little lab in him to, he was trying to say that he's a pure breed papered lab....:eek:
    I can tell you right now he most certainly WAS NOT. BOTH OF THOSE DOGS ARE PITTS.

    So anyway, the whole time they were there the dogs caused nothing but problems. Their room was essentially a littler box...Every time they opened their door we had to shut every other door just to hide from the smell! Like, HOW the fuck do you sleep, let alone spend ALL DAY in that smell!? Im not exaggerating in the least bit it. was. TERRIBLE.

    So shady goes into heat and of course the dumb bitch [shes the only one that was ever there, the guy worked from like 4 to 7..] doesn't keep em separated and she gets pregnant. She had her puppies I think in late December, there were 5 perfectly healthy pups, 4 girls one boy and none died:D

    BUT heres where it gets fucked up...They're racked up in about 600$ rent debt and they're arguing and fighting and getting the cops called CONSTANTLY, so he leaves and takes a train to Minnesota with Maynard and leaves the bitch there with no job, and a bunch of animals to take care of, so one day they decide they're gonna dip out on their rent completely. So early in the morning she packs some shit, leaves shady, her pups AND some nasty ass cats in that "bedroom" and never comes back.

    She left 5 defenseless puppies in a locked kennel drenched in their own shit and piss and 3 cats to roam with a litter-less litter box... AND HER OWN DOG. Just left em. Didn't call, didn't do anything.
    Oh and i forgot to mention she was feeding these pups bottom of the barrel DISNEY brand DOG food, not puppy food. And they were only 4 weeks old, BARELY growing teeth and not even old enough to be weaned..

    So we clean up the room, let the cats free in the backyard to go do what they want, i think one might still be living somewhere out there, I wanted to take em to the pound or something but they'll just get killed in a week.... They'd have a better chance of someone taking them in just roaming around the neighborhood anyway..

    We built a nice big puppy kennel in the backyard with a doghouse and lots of blankets and pillows, I bought them all collars and toys and a good healthy puppy food, another couple thats staying there took in shady as their own. Boyfriends dad kept the grey one and named her silver, [AND thats my little sisters name]another tenant kept the all black one and named her Mischief, and its the PERFECT name for her and we sold ryleys twin for 50 bucks to some chick..Now they all get to live together and I just have to find someone to keep ryley but so I can still see him alllll the time:) but honestly I really really really wanna keep him for myself:( The pups are all happy:]

    So anyway, all these puppies look like short furred little pit pups, but fatty is the only fluffy one and shes HUGE compared to the others, so the girl named her fatty...She didn't plan to keep her or anything..Just decided she would call it that. So she learned her "name" OF COURSE. And this little girl whos 3 [my boyfriend niece]always played with her and called her fatty and she was IN LOVE with this puppy, she wanted to keep her soooooo bad but her dad wouldn't let her:[ so she was realllly sad and crying, not throwing a fit just listening to her dad without any backtalk and heartbroken that she couldn't have her:[

    I already had the puppy that I wanted picked out, it was the boy, hes super hyper so i named him Ryley and I freaken looooove him, but he has that really ornery ballsy kinda attitude and in my experience that means lots of dogfights when hes older...I don't need anymore scars from that, my canvas is pretty filled already.

    And my dog "Doobie" is really rough and kinda growly when he plays with other males, so they take it as him trying to fight and that ALWAYS leads to a fight so i was just really scared of taking that chance again. So i ended up taking fatty instead. I hate hate hate hate that shes been named this and I tried changing her name and it just wasn't happening, she didn't respond to what i trying and Audrina [the 3 year old] kept calling her fatty and wouldn't stop and wouldn't cooperate with the name chnging...and just. ugh.

    So now I have Fatty... and Doobie.... Didn't that work out nice...:rolleyes:
    But i just kinda play it off by calling her fatty patty so its like her REAL name is Patty and we just call her fatty sometimes. It kinda makes me feel better...

    I'm sorry for my long rant about how they abandoned all those poor animals but in my mind it really WAS NOT supposed to be that extensive..

    Heres fatty patty:]

    heres her brother "ryley" and sister "silver"

    Silver and fatty: The grey sister duo<33
  2. I didn't read any of that but that's an adorable dog
  3. Holy fuck.....
    +rep if you read that whole thing...
  4. well then....
  5. :( I get nothing and good day sir?
  6. Perhaps i'll name my next dog spliff...or jay...
  7. ahahaa its just cause i put +rep if you read the whole thing:p
  8. That would go well with doobie and fatty. Maybe some blunt name to change it up
  9. I looked at your wall of text and fell into convulsions, I am now in the hospital in critical condition. My lawyer will contact you within the week.

    Also congrats on the puppy! :cool:
  10. I read the whole thing. Ps, did the people ever pay the rend or get caught for just leaving? Also that grey pit is gonna be BEAUTIFUL and big as fuck.
  11. It really is a pretty interesting story if you read it...
  12. Aww Skanky Pirate your dog's a cutie.
  13. I kinda skimmed it.

    That lady sucks I would probably kick her in her vagina if I could. What a scummy person
  14. NO. No they did not. Those motherfuckers better hope we don't see them anywhere...Im sure they'll come back to cali at some point.. And its REALLY fucked up, because the dude actually works with my boyfriends godfather, and he gets payed pretty good and he just dipped out of his job, and doesn't have the option of going back to that job because he'll get the shit beat out of him and his money taken:p

    AND YES hopefully she will get big, but i'm skeptical.. Both of the parents are small pits.. I dont like when they're like that i like the big ol bulky ones:]

  15. Woulda kicked her so hard that her ovaries turn into balls and her fallopian tube a penis.
  16. ohhhh gosh... SHHHH i made that photobucket when i was like...12.
  17. Yeah if that bitch ever comes back my fists are gonna be the FIRST to greet her...
  18. How cute!

  19. Lol I'll let u borrow my golden gloves.
  20. Its cool i'll just use these:

    minus the spikes, those have already been filed down pretty far...

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