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I got a new bong.

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by usnsc, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. I picked this up a few days ago at my local headshop. It was pretty pricey at $75. Its straight up China glass but I didn't really care. I like the old dude enough to give him my business and even if I was to order a cheap $40 bong from the city, by the time you tax on shipping, it'd been about the same.

    Like I said its really not good glass. But it hits like a beast and clears pretty easily. It says "High Impact" on it and had a wonderful made in China sticker on it when I bought it. Haha. Has slit diffusers on the stem and the bowl is decent sized, can hold about a gram in it. Its 20" tall with ice notches.







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  2. I'd buy that for 70 hell yeah
  3. Nice pick up. Sure it may be china glass, but its got a really nice base, if it sits well it could be 1mm thick and chances are it won't tip.(Don't hit it cleaning though!) To make that thing worth a champion though, pick up a nice showerhead diffused stem somewhere and a well made bowl. Nothing beats a drag free rip. :smoke:
  4. yeah looks pretty solid. do you know how thick the glass is?
  5. no way thats 1mm thick atleast 2.

    thats actually a decent bong man.

    get a dank ass perc/ash catch on there and it'll rip like a champ

  6. Nope. The tube itself isn't too bad. Its really the stem and bowl that feel thin.
  7. Only reason I mentioned 1mm is that with a base that wide it could be that thin and its chances of breaking are much less then that of a straight tube.
  8. hey man that thing looks SWEET, its wasy better than the cheap hookah i got
  9. Sick pickup dude! Looks nice!
  10. Thanks guys, its definitely been a good investment. I love it.
  11. Hell yeah man, if you ever upgrade it come back to this thread. I got ya subbed, I'd love to see a milk vid with some upgraded lady parts. :D
  12. word Nashville reppin'

    What headshop did you pick that up from?
  13. #13 usnsc, Nov 19, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 19, 2010
    I picked it up from New Life. Its the only legit headshop I know of in Nashville. Other than a few porn shops and gas stations with some bowls and hookahs. lol

    Here's kinda a half ass milk. I've got no bud at the moment so I took a little premature nug from my girl and let it dry for a few days. No where near the dankest shit, but she's more hairy than a 70s porn star. And the high is rockin. Straight sativa:smoke:

    And Mardhyn, hopefully some upgrades soon!

    The nug

    And heres the milk
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVmpJDeN64g]YouTube - Milk2.mov[/ame]​

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  14. You definitely did not go wrong picking that up for seventy. :D
  15. @usnsc

    I need to check out New Life sometime. Hopefully they have a good selection.
    That nug looks great! Beautiful photo as well.
    I also see you have a grow, I'm about to start my first grow next month. Ordering all the equipment for it now :D

  16. New life is awesome, you know where its at? And growing is awesome! I love it. This was just my first, CFL grow. I too am about to order all new equipment. I'm changing my whole setup. Gonna get a 400 watt MH/HPS, 3x3x6 tent, a carbon filter and some ventilation goin on. Its awesome to smoke your own shit. Feels great. You're from Nashville, right?
  17. Yes I am, well about 15 minutes from downtown. I have gps so I should be able to find it.
    As for growing I know, I can't wait to start! Looks like we have the same plan. I just put up my 8 x 4 and 6ft tall tent last night. I'm going to use two 400 watt MH/HPS lighting systems as well.
  18. I'm like right next to the airport. Pretty close to downtown as well. You checked out Wormsway yet?
  19. I've checked out most of their online stuff but never been in the store. I've been meaning to go but never got around to it, i've just been getting my stuff from HTG. Oh yeah the airport is very close to me, in the Hickory Hollow area here.
  20. Definitely check it out, its a great place to pick up nutes, hydroten, net pots, any little thing is great there. And they're cool as shit.

    I'm pretty close to the hickory hollow area, go there all the time

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