I Got a Little Herb Tree in Me Garden..

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by toostoned910, May 13, 2011.

  1. Yeah! it love the lightin of tha mornin'

    I have here, a hydroponic bagseed under 300 watts of full spectrum CFL in my closet.

    Switched to 12/12 about 4 days ago.

    One small fan blows on it 12 hours a day

    There are no nutes, there is no temperature/PH regulations.

    It's just a bagseed chillin' in DWC system. 8" airstone run by a 5 watt pump in the bottom.

    Anyone know if it's indica or sativa?

    I don't think it's shown its sex yet, lmk if you see different!




  2. Oh, and I let my puppy smell it. He literally pissed and shit at the same time within 4 seconds of that picture...
  3. it looks more sativa like, and it looks like its getting heat stressed, try to get your temps down.
  4. add another fan or what? how do most people handle heat issues
  5. move lights back a slight bit and throw another fan on it.

    CFL's are good from 2-5 in away.

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