I got a huge tip at work today!

Discussion in 'General' started by buffEt, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. So me and this other guy were doing closing shift earlier tonight and the manager left. It's not really busy that late so we were pretty much chillin for a lot. This couple in their late 30s came in and ordered some stuff. And when I was close to them I thought I smelled bud but I wasn't sure. Since we were almost ready to close up, so my coworker hooked them up from the grill with their food. They were friendly too and we chatted and stuff when making their food. And the guy was like, "Thanks for hooking it up man."

    So then the dude comes up to us afterwards and asks, "You guys smoke herb?" And we say yea. There are cameras set up around the place so he asks where he can give some to us. We tell him to just go into the bathroom and leave it there. So he does that and we say thanks and bye and everything.

    As soon as we opened the bathroom door, we could smell it. He left us a dank nug on top of the soap dispenser. I didn't get to feel it because my coworker picked it up, but it can be anywhere from .75-1.25g depending on denseness. We were like :eek:. So we're splitting it the next time we work together, probably sesh it right after work. But yea, fellow stoners are chill!
  2. wooooo weeee boy better hope ya homie doesn't smoke that shit to the fizzow.
  3. Haha naw he's a chill dude and even if he did, I wouldn't trip. I just picked up earlier today so I got a good stash for now. And he was the one who was grillin that time and did the actual hookin up. But yea even if he did, he'd still have saved my half for me.
  4. haha can I get a job?
  5. Thats sick man. I guess if your working late at night your bound to get your fare share of generous stoners coming in! :hello:

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