I got a great tattoo idea

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by witchbabydance, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. So, I smoked a bowl, and was texting the guy who sells me weed. All of a sudden, I thought, OHMYGOD
    I should get a tattoo that says "achievement unlocked" right on my inner thigh. (you know... So people will see it when theyve achieved having sex with me) And I had to share the idea, so I took off my pants, pointed to the exact spot, took a picture, and sent it to the guy.
    Unfortunately he was too distracted by the picture to give me good feedback on my idea.

    Now you know that happened. You're welcome.
  2. How about you get a tattoo like they gave the Jews in the Holocaust with a number on the arm so while a girl is having sex with you, you can convince her that your like Benjamin Button and you don't age and you actually had sex with Anne Frank in the hidden attic

    that might turn her on
  3. Brilliant

  4. Greatest Idea ever
  5. So you sent him a picture of your vagina?
  6. sounds like a scheme to get free bud.
    women these days.
  7. Squid going down the arm? That's what I'm getting.
  8. i still like this tattoo idea that i got from this girl on fb, is where you know how mario has those plants that bite you if you hit them? well have a huge ass plant from your ankle go up your body and have weed mixed in there with it. it'd be boss.
  9. I hate tattoos based on seeing them while fucking.

    As a matter of fact, I hate you.
  10. That's some isanyoneup.com shit
  11. Well let's see the pic.
  12. really....

  13. Pic's or GTFO
  14. How about a lock thats in the open position

  15. You know im what u would call an up n cumming tattooist
  16. are you a slut? thats stupid
  17. .......idea is really creative....are you serious for getting this and still high??
  18. i'm still high but i don't think i'll still like that when i'm 40
  19. What about Adam Sandler's face.

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