I got a great idea!!!

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by ArastasHatchet1, Aug 16, 2018.

  1. all ya have to do is smoke weed and put on your favorite Pink Floyd album.
    That’s it. Enjoy lol
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  2. Hey - I tried this, and it works!
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  3. Is it normal, that I dont like Pink floyd?
    I love Draft Punk:D
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  4. No, its not normal
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  5. I’m with ya man. An excellent idea

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  6. The stairwell of my house..... my dad painted the wish you were here album cover the year i was born 79'

    At the bottom is my Concert Tshirt from when i saw the real pink floyd at Arrowhead Stadium w my dad and some buddies in 94'

    It ruined concerts for me for the rest of my life, no concert has topped it...been to some good ones, but sumbitch i still get goosebumps when i watch comfortably numb pulse tour on youtube...best version ever
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  7. I hear ya there. Once ya see the real deal, it’s kinda all downhill from then on.
  8. Haha, see, I knew there were still cultured folks out there. That pic made my day. In fact, all the feedback from this post was just great!
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  9. 2FF215D5-6672-42FB-8BD5-906848F58EF5.jpeg

    I have one tattoo, and it’s the only one I’ve ever wanted and will ever need. I think (if you have the stomach for it) every diehard Floydian should think about doing the same.
    It proves, without a doubt, that you are and will forever be a true Pink Floyd fan.
    I’m absolutely not trying to peer pressure anyone in any way, but I must say, this (my) tattoo holds a deeper meaning for me than even my wife can understand. Can you imagine how many times I chewed her ear off for hours on end about Floyd? I mean, she never even heard of Floyd till we met, and before that, Lil’ Wayne and Nikki Minage would’ve most likely been her choice in music. We’ve been together now for 11 years!!! In this time she had no choice but to learn EVERY song.
    -P.s.- we are still happily together and she still puts up with this lunatic and my rants and rambles!
  10. You sir, are an ideal example of someone who knows how to deal with life. My philosophy is, if something can’t be solved by any means and there’s not a thing to do to remedy the problem, then why worry yourself to death about it.
    Since this is my philosophy, then one doesn’t have to think very hard to imagine all the times that *what your picture was of* was the only prescription I needed. Literally saved my life countless times.
    -But the rest of the world can be easily summed up nicely through the lyrics of the Animals album. Anyone agree???
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  11. Id say floyd has an album and song for any mood.

    And your philosophy is right. I dont even watch news anymore. My wife will come home and ask me about some recent new story and I look at her with this blank look at my face cuz I literally don't know what she's talking about. ( she just laughs and says nevermind)
    Basically until an issue is coming across my front lawn or I see a mushroom cloud on the horizon, I don't really care what's going on anywhere. Everything's quiet in my front and back yard and my dogs will let me know otherwise, so im good.

    I call it the Mick Dundee mentality....., you can sit there and worry yourself sick about politics, disease, economy, global warming and so on, but at the end of the day all you can do is your little part. So do that and stop worrying about everybody else.
  12. Well you could go much higher or deeper ;)
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