I got a free vaporizer (and a few other things) :)

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    This is my first post on a marijuana forum. I was always scared before, but I have gotten over it finally. The reason I really wanted to post here is because I have gotten a free vaporizer, a grinder, and a pollen press from a survey site I do. Here is my profile that shows the VaporGenie, metal grinder, and pollen press from:


    As you can see the VaporGenie was 5495 points and I got free shipping for it! I also got the grinder and pollen press pretty cheap (well free, but didn't have to spend many points). Here are a picture of the grinder and pollen press I received:


    And here's a pic of the vaporizer when I first got it.


    As I'm a moderator on this site I'm talking about, I won't spam the link here (love ya mods!!! :p), but if you want to know where I'm talking about just message me. Everyone should be able to get free paraphernalia lol :)
  2. So I guess it's not spam?

    Either way cool pieces, I don't understand this money scheme of which you speak though.

  3. Lol, I really was trying to make it a spam-free event :p lol The pieces are cool, though the grinder only has 3 teeth left (I guess when they say remove stems and seeds, they mean remove stems and seeds) :\ Also the VaporGenie is cool, though a tad bit hard to hit. Or maybe I'm just doing it wrong lol I read online different reviews of how to use it, maybe I'm just used to a more concentrated high than more of a head one. Anyone got any tips on how to hit the VaporGenie better? And the site I was talking about I just do surveys/offers there and they give you points or cash. The points you have to redeem at amazon.com, but as you can see from my prize list I've gotten some cool things :) I also have made about a third of my money there from referrals, a third from offers/surveys, and a third from the limbo game they have (won like 26800 points from that = $268).

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