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I got a dumb newbie question what is sativa and indica

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IluvRootBeer, Oct 10, 2002.

  1. What is sativa
    What is indica
    How are they different
    Got any pictures of what they look like
    Do they make you feel different when your high
    And if i left out any Questions just tell me and SEND PIX!!!!!!!
  2. Everyone has to ask or figure it out sometime. Basically its the two different types of weed. Sativa plants are kinda skinnier and not as "bushy" and their buds give you a trippy more uplifting high. Indica are bushy resinous plants that are optimum for making hash with. They produce a cloudy "couch-lock" high and their plants are bushy.
  3. Hey Reefer Cat, what do u mean by "couch-lock" high? i have no idea what that means?
  4. OOOH i understand now..........but it seems like whenever i smoked hash and tobacco together at a club i would always be up and going, great high!
  5. You CAN make hash out of either he was just saying Indica is better suited for it ;)
  6. plus when mixing with tobacco it delivers smoke to th brain hence the headrush
    also even though they contain no weed the head rush is why black&milds are commonly smoked in active situations or to make non-active situations active
  7. yeah is right

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