"I got a call about someone acting suicidal."

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  1. Well one day last month I was smoking with my friend Sean, Jenn and her boyfriend, note that Jenn's boyfriend is a goth. So we blaze and go to the local soup kitchen because Chris is homeless and he was hungry. I had never been in a soup kitchen before, so it was a little weird. But I waited for Chris to finish his food then we all helped clean up after, it felt good, but it was an odd experience going to that soup kitchen. So we start to walk to a field that was close and what do you know we run into an Acid dealer. We didn't get any and there are a few cases in my family when LSD caused some serious problems. So we keep going back but on the way Chris had a panic attack. So we stoped on this bridge that was half over a parking lot and half over railroad tracks. Now this bridge isn't more than 20 or so feet high. We were all still pretty baked so we stared over the bridge for awhile. So then we all sit on the sidewalk of the bridge chillin'. So I whipped out my ipod and I started listening to "Don't Worry, Be Happy". Then I see a cop car coming over the bridge, I got a little nervous because I had my pipe on me. So I think the cop is just passing by and I do a retarded wave because I was still baked. He then pulled over in front of us, I just played it cool and paused my ipod. The officer starts coming around his car and he says "We got a call about some one acting suicidal." Now, I had been listening to "Don't Worry, Be Happy" and this man thinks I'm suicidal. We all said that we were happy and we laughed. I guess a driver saw Chris and thought since he was goth he was trying to commit suicide or something. Well I almost thought that I was done for, I've been collecting alot of resin in my pipe recently, so they could have busted me. As long as the cop just drives me home or something I'm okay with it because my parent's know I smoke weed and they don't really care, they just encourage me to be careful, I don't even have to worry about acting sober around my mom and dad. My parents smoked for 7 years and my mom is a school teacher and my dad works at a university and manages a couple of auditoriums.

    Keep tokin' that shit :smoke:
  2. I take it Jenn has a thing for hobos?
  3. you in mass?

  4. Yea, have we met or something?
  5. a bit off-topic, eh? :confused:

    geo, read your sig and was reminded of when that guy made the eating lotion thread, hilarious!:p

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