i got a C in math becauase of pot

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Jesus Christ, Feb 6, 2004.

  1. I have this 90 minute class right in the middle of the school day that i dont have to go to, and me and one of my stoner friends usually go get really blasted, and then go to math class. it's really fucking fun, and ive learned to deal with being really blazed in math, slowly.the first time i ever smoked was during this period, and we had a test i didnt know about in math, the next period. so, i rolled into class tripping out, and got a 15% on my math test. i had a high grade in homework, but the overall test grade counts more for me, and this test brough it down really really far. without this test, i would have gotten a solid B for the semester, but i got a C. just wanted to share - be careful.
  2. Hes really funny coming back after that period. How his teacher never noticed I will never know.

    You should've seen the test though, pretty fucking funny. He drew all over it, and then he finally just wrote "I DONT KNOW" in really big letters. Heh
  3. Don't smoke pot in school, you will get in trouble and get bad grades.

  4. i second that Krazi!
  5. smoke in school all you want, just make sure you prioritise and respect the risk you're taking. I smoke at school occasionally but only if it's a chill day with not alot going on (e.g. no tests) and just never bring more than a joint or 2 to school, cuz if u get caught u can always eat it, no evidence
  6. You sir sound like a clown!
  7. If you can't smoke responsibly, don't do it.
  8. I love the title of this... Sorry for the resurrection, but this should be a PARENTS: THE ANTI-DRUG commercial.
  9. You are a person that is bad for marijuana and proves the drug commercials. Chronic should not control your life. It it recreational and shouldnt make things in your life bad. You should get a hold of yourself and concentrate.
  10. jesus, you are dumb :p (ho HO! is funny cuz his name really jesus! ho HO!)

    kidding, you are not dumb,

    but pot didnt do shit.

    you did.

    drugs have no inherent morality, positive or negative. its what you do with them.

    heroin doesnt kill people.

    stupid decisions do.

    wow i just saw the op date. schizer.

    and then bkadoctaj's statement that it was a resurrection.
  11. I was going to say this, but it looks like its already been said, weed didn't get you a C, you got you a C. And there is no debating this.
  12. No you got a C in math because your are an irresponsible drug user. You smoked before class with your friends, that was your choice not pots, take some damn responsibility and be a fucking man.
  13. i dont suggest getting stoned or being stoned at school because you cant really learn now on the other hand if you have a class that is laid back and isn't strict on grades like a late night class thats about music or something interesting nothing wrong with being a little toasted
  14. Pot didn't give you a C, you gave yourself a C.
    It was your decision to smoke, so don't blame it on pot.
  15. This thread proves marijuana smokers know how to smoke responsibly, it might take a bit of trial and error but in the end we all agree "If you can't smoke responsibly, don't do it". It is so obvious that this country doesn't need a $40 billion/year prohibition that arrests more than 2,000 people a day!

    The harm caused by the prohibition is far greater than the harm that marijuana could ever cause. :mad:
  16. Get high, take the test high, get high scores
  17. I would also like to put my voice in defense of pot.

    Unless the bag of weed was pinch-test taking for you it sure wasn't weed that was responsible for a C. I'm not sure how a bag of weed would hold the pencil let alone write.
  18. i take tests much better high, but i get really tired and fall asleep so i dont usually do well lol
  19. No, you got a C in math because you weren't responsible enough to keep weed and school separate.
  20. seriously, if you want to smoke during school, and you must, make sure its a "stoner" class...

    someone already said this, but i feel it a point be made. I have three classes after lunch, and they constitute perfect stoner classes (yet to this day never have done the whole school high thing, too much to risk and id get far too paranoid)
    art, creative writing, and a class about studying how disney, dr. seuss, and simpsons relate to mainstream culture and society

    in the end, toke on :smoking:

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