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I got a baby bunny (pic)

Discussion in 'General' started by JohnnyWeedSeed, May 11, 2010.

  1. Nah, bad pic of me. I look horrible. I don't have my make up done, hairs a mess...
  2. what.
  3. The make up part was clearly a joke dude.
  4. Just making sure.
  5. So what if he did? Would you be jealous? Hmmm?
  6. lol gotta say homie - by the way you're holding him it doesnt look like he's too comfortable with you yet :laughing:. but nevertheless, i commend your hospitality and he's a cute lil muhfuckuh.
  7. He's SO cute!
  8. He just dosn't like to hold still for the camera. He just hops around till he gets tired and then comes over and wants to cuddle and be kept warm.

  9. Yes...
  10. Well, the damn thing got lost. He pulled a hudini last night and is now lost somewhere in my basement, I think. Basement is a mes with stuff everywhere so this should prove to be more than a pain in the ass to find him.
  11. ^i guess you gotta bait him out with food and water. he's gotta eat :)

  12. aawh what a little sweetie
  13. OI! sorry i didn't see your question. he is just a baby right now :) they can grow to be like 20 fucking pounds though! i want to have the biggest fucking rabbit of all time :devious:
  14. Any luck finding him?
  15. When i was younger my family to was run over by a lawnmower it was horrible i feel little luckys pain.
  16. rabbits are delicious you know, first fatten him up though
  17. No, his ass is still MIA.
  18. awwww.

    i didnt read the whole thread. did it run away or something?
  19. can i haz your bunny?
  20. you done wiped off an entire generation and a half of wabbits.

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