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I got a baby bunny (pic)

Discussion in 'General' started by JohnnyWeedSeed, May 11, 2010.

  1. The Bunny, the bunny, whoa I love the bunny
    I don't love my mom or my dad, just the bunny
    The Bunny, the bunny, Yeah I love the bunny
    I gave everything that I had for the bunny
  2. cutest bunnie <3 and I'm glad it survived after you massacred its family.
    thats really horrible.:(
    at least you aren't much of heartless bastard and left it there.
  3. given the post that followed, i'd say -

    me too!

    they scream...

    like little babies.
  4. My family had a rabbit once, amazing little fucker, was domestic, always escaped from my friends (who owned him) and was recaptured, rather Houdini like... they eventually gave up and it just lived around the neighborhood for years. It lived longer on it's own in the wild than anyone would have ever expected it to in captivity... eventually he was attacked by a mink (go figure too, I personally watched him escape hawks and eagles on a daily basis) and we found it and took it in after that (much to my chagrin, I personally thought after he healed he should be allowed to continue the remainder of his life in the wild.)

    Probably the chillest, most mellow creature I ever knew.

    Met a horrible end though, maggots were beginning to eat him from the inside out. His cage (however, he did live inside with us actually for a year or two) outside was such that even with constant cleaning, he would accumulate a chunk of poo on his tail/back end, and you can guess the rest. We tried cleaning him and the cage daily but it was just to no avail, the veterinarian decided it was best to euthanize him and could offer no advice other than that, unfortunately.

    Bugsy, his name was, of course... white with all kinds of black spots... I do miss him. My mother will cry at the mention of him, she was very attached and did her very best to keep him well.
  5. my daschunds been on a rabbit killing spree in my backyard.

  6. This.

    I had two rabbits. One named black jack, one lumber jack. Lumberjack wouldn't let you hold him, while black jack would. Blackjack eventually escaped his cage one day and all we were left with was lumber jack. Lumber jack would just sit there and shit. Stare at you, shit in his food bowl, and start staring again.
  7. Dying rabbits don't 'meep'. It's a blood-curdling scream. :(
  8. haha you annihilated his family with the mower...... d00d i love baby rabbits, they're probably the cutest animal there is no homo

  9. lurkers are among us.
  10. Bunny update-

    He's going through lettus like he will never eat again and getting really friendly. He's quite the explorer, very curious and loves to just hop all over, sniffing and looking at stuff.
  11. Awwwwww. More pics immediately! :D

  12. awh i love bunnies! i'm also lol'ing at your username hahahaha
  13. Thats awesome that 1 bunny survived to carry on the families genes. :D

    What is your reason for letting him go when he matures instead of keeping him?
  14. I hope that bunny fucks you up.
  15. hope you're not feeding him lettuce as his primary food..lettuce has very little nutritional value for rabbits, iceburg esp can actually cause problems with digestion.

    cilantro parsley kale broccoli are good, make sure he always has timothy hay, fiber is important. Some people supplement with alfalfa pellets too. Rabbit diets are tricky! I have a 2 year old holland lop and I have to say I love him, very playful and easy-going.
  16. mmmm rabbit stew......yea i say fatten him up a bit, then you got yourself a nice dinner. Unless you don't wanna finish off the rest of the family and digest him. You know, whatever
  17. I'll take some more tomorrow.

    It's not just lettuce, Ive been feeding him this spring salad mix. the same shit I eat. It has a bunch of different greens in it.
  18. K. just make sure he never goes without timothy's a very important part of a rabbit's diet
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    Ok, the bunny is awake and runnning amuck so I took a few on the web cam on my laptop at the demand of Royksopp. I'll put up some better quality ones tomorrow.

  20. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Look at the lil guy in the second picture. That is the cutest lil thing I swear, thank you for posting the pictures! You ain't so bad yourself :D

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