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I got a baby bunny (pic)

Discussion in 'General' started by JohnnyWeedSeed, May 11, 2010.

  1. You gonna tell me that that bunny isn't cute? Gtfo!!
  2. accidentally? oh, okay that's cool then. [​IMG] just like when i accidentally stab you with this butcher knife.


    but furrealsies. i hope you at least gave them a proper burial. :(
  3. Now this is a cute bunny

  4. cute bunny. i want a new bunny
  5. Sounds messy. Cute bunny though.
  6. by far the most entertaining and hilarious thread ive seen on gc in a long time.
  7. It's all right. I bought our Rabbit, Hurley, for my Ex after both of his parents were fed to Burmese Pythons. He was next up on the chopping block, so we said, "Hey, I think we could use a Bunny in the house!"

    That girl is now long gone, and I have since inherited Hurley.

    It was a much better trade off, believe me.

  8. I have to ask, what was going through your mind when you mowed them down? I have a hard time visualizing a whole family of rabbits all being chopped up by a lawn mower...

  9. Yeah...and it would have to be pretty fucking tall grass for them to be unnoticeable...
  10. I heard bunnies make a "meep" sound when they are killed. Did you hear a bunch of meep meep meeps, OP? :confused:
  11. Are you suggesting that the OP goes out of his way to maniacally rampage through Pnom Pen Killing Fields of Rabbits with a John Deere?

  12. Rabbits instictivly freeze up and sit right where they are when they sence danger, also the lawn mower is loud enough to drown out any other noise and i had my ear buds in and the grass was over a foot high.

    Gimme a damn break people! I love rabbits. I've kept many of them for pets. I would never hurt one.
  13. lol annihalated his family with a lawn mower :devious:. reminds me when i was little my mom killed a baby bunny while trimming hedges, she somehow cut its leg completely off and it died of a heart attack. She brought it inside and i laughed in here face!:D
  14. Well, that isn't very funny.
  15. In an instant, this thread went from being quirky and cute to unsettlingly sadistic and creepy.
  16. That's awesome. Once he grows up, you can smoke with him.:cool:
  17. lol No Im not suggesting that. Ive hung out with him before. I know he isnt a closet Charles Manson.

    It would be a really fucked up feeling when you hear them hit the blades and you see blood shooting out everywhere. Seriously, I would have to go to therapy for it.
  18. Quirky to cute!?

    When is mowing over a family of bunnies ever okay? This thread breaks my heart.

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