I got a baby bunny (pic)

Discussion in 'General' started by JohnnyWeedSeed, May 11, 2010.

  1. Well I accidentially annihilated his family with the lawn mower so I adopted him. I've had a ton of pet rabbits so I know what to do for them. It's the least I could do for the little guy. His name is Lucky and hes startin to warm up to me and get friendly.

  2. he looks traumatized from you merkin his family, haha
  3. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I'm so jealous! :D The bunnies we sometimes get in our yard are so scared though I'd never be able to catch one.
  4. you killed its family?!??!

    awh but it is adorable! i hope lucky lives a long and happy life with you!
  5. bunnies are the shit yo. How did you not see a pile of bunnies when you were mowing?
  6. Um....wat?
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    Smoking a bowl for the dead bunnies :(

    Cute baby though.

    Edit: It is very easy to kill rabbit nests because they actually make burrows rather close to the surface. Run over one with the lawn mower and they all get pull out and chopped up. It happens.
  8. good god dude you murdered his family haha. you can train pretty much any rabbit to use a litter box if its young and it looks like a potential candidate if your interested in that. i plan on training my flemish giant to use a litter box :hello:
  9. He's biding his time until the exact right moment and then...BAM! he's gonna get you back. I feel sorry for you man. Rabbit revenge isn't pretty.
  10. Aww, he's adorable. And that sucks about his family. :(

    I had a bunny before, but I gave it away.

    Actually, my mom gave it away. Because it always ran under the bed and stayed there all day...
  11. i hope he has the holy hand grenade
  12. haha Monty Python is the shit

    i like your tattoo even though your a murderer

  13. Did you ever see the horror film with the freakishly large bunnies?

    Yeah, that's what's gonna happen to this guy.
  14. i respect the fact that you admitted to the massacre of his entire family with a lawn mower haha
  15. Damn you guys, It was an accident! I'm a landscaper and the yard I was cutting was a forclosed house with grass about a foot long. they had a nest in there and I didn't know it untill it was too late.

    pawlywog- How big is your giant? Ive always wanted one. I'm not sure I could train this bunny since hes wild. He is warming up to me but still a bit skiddish. Mostly just hides under the towel I put in his box durring the day and raises hell trying to get out at night.
  16. Wow. You're doing a great thing taking him in. He's a lucky lil guy. Do you hope to eventually release him?

  17. Yes, when he gets bigger and faster. He's pretty speedy for a little bunny but not fast enough to out run a preditor. I'm pretty sure he would end up as lunch right now.
  18. Let me get this all straightened out real quick....

    You named a rabbit "Lucky" after you killed his family and took him from his home...

    Ok... Wait... What? lol ;)

    I think "Damn, I'm forever sorry for killing your family" is a much more suitable name - I could shorten it up somehow I'm sure. :hello:
  19. You ever read that story Bunnicula when you were younger?

    That's your bunny...except he ain't gonna feed on vegetables, he's gonna feed on you for murdering his family :devious:

  20. Shhh...be vewy vewy quiet. I'm hunting wabbits eheheheh....

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