I got 3 seeds....

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  1. 2 are kush seeds and one is stress I believe

    To germinate the seed what do i so just stick em in wet towel and a dark place for them? wait for a root?

    my goal is just to germinate the seeds and get the to be a seedling. I am going to experiment on these seeds see if i can get a seedling and I will be a happy camper.
  2. First of all are your seeds good ones? Gently squeeze the seeds to make sure there not already cracked. Are they mature seeds?

    This is what I do and it works every time.

    1. Get wet paper towel and place at bottom of plate.
    2. Put seeds about an inch apart on paper towel.
    3. Put another wet towel on top of the seeds.
    4. Press down lightly the top paper towel.
    5. Put in a warm dark space.
    6. Every day check up on it and drizzle water on top of the paper towels to get them wet again.
    7. Put them back in that dark warm space.
    8. They will get a white tap root coming out of the seed.
    9. Plant the seed.

    * Im guessing you know what to do after that, if you dont I will post an outline*

    And all my seeds have sprouted in 3 days max.

    It could take longer if your seeds are thicker, but it usually takes only a few days.

    Good Luck! :smoke:
  3. There good seeds. I will try what you did thanks.
  4. Thanks one seen sprouted already im so exicted!!
  5. The shot glass method has a higher rate of success than the paper towel method. The seeds typically sink withing 12-18 hours, and will peak their heads above soil within 48 after sowing.

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