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I got 2 questions for you GC.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Verbal Hologram, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. 1. After a session with you and other people, do you usually clean your pieces? Mostly the part where others put their mouths.

    2. What is the best way to dry out a nug. A friend of mine was given a few nugs freshly picked and they need to dry. I've stashed them in plastic spice jar and you can see moisture or condensation on the inside a little. I've taken the nugs out once daily for about 3 days to get some air and to move them around. Any thing else I should be doing? And if this needs to be moved, please do so. Thanks.
  2. 1. if i cleaned after everytime i smoked with friends that would be like 6 times a day. lol. i just clean my pieces after the day is done. or before my wake n bake session.

    2. if you have branches of buds, you can just hang them upside down in a dark place. but if there just buds, i guess you can roll them up in a newspaper and put them in a drawer or something.
  3. if they are really wet put them in a paper bag or hang them, when they are jar curing there shouldn't be any moisture on the inside
  4. i take an alchohol wipe to the mouth part after friends use it. i like to let the resin build up for a rainy day so i only clean it about every 3 weeks.

    dont put it in a jar your going to get mold. hang them in a dark room to dry until the stems snap.

  5. Well it's just a few separate nugs. So I can't really hang them. Is there something better I can place them in?
  6. #7 Barnaby Jones, Oct 2, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 2, 2010
    you want to dry bud as fast as you can. wet bud manifests mold. if its been soggy for a few days throw it out. smoking mold can be very bad for your health probably deadly. i wouldend doubt it.
    there may be mold starting to grow. i mean it could be in the microscopic stages. 3 days is boarderline though. i dunno how long its safe to be wet. 3 days might be too long.

    i guess you could put the bud on a piece of paper or hang it in the sun or something.
  7. I just checked it out and there no mold visible to the naked eye. It's looking real fluffy but it just needs to be dried. I took it out of the jar and put it in a paper bag in a dark spot.
  8. Take two paper bags, shred one up into strips, layer weed and strips into other paper bag.

    If you wanna risk the mold that is.

    Also, I almost never clean my piece, Only when it gets to the point of really NEEDING to be cleaned.
  9. odds are there is mold even though you cant see it. if you want to save it from mold i would stick it in the oven on 250 until crispy.

    or you can try and make some hash too.

  10. What if I looked at it through a jewelers loop? The guy I'm holding it for, his neighbors got one. Would I have to break it up and check it out? Would I be able too see mold, if there is any, through the loop?
  11. 1. Oh yeah
    2. Hang it up!
  12. don't worry about the mold, just smoke it.
  13. This is great advice. :rolleyes:

    It's not a very good idea to be suggesting someone to smoke that most likely has started molding, is it? OP, if you're really intent on getting high, I suggest making edibles. Or hash. Smoking mold is no exactly the healthiest thing to do.

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