I got 2 PowerMac G5 Aluminum Cases for a stealth.....

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    I searched for  some ideas for using 2 apple powermac G5 Aluminum shells, but lo and behold...nothing. 
    I am thinking of stacking them and cutting out the top of one and the bottom of the other and join them in heavenly aluminium bliss. thinking about a 50w Magnetic Induction  (Plasma) bulb from hydroponics hut (I have no affiliation with any commercial entities anywhere on planet earth)
     or 2x GN Rebel Modules 
    Be silent fans and other mcgyver stuff.
    Anybody have any tips?

  2. Have you thought about using them side by side or 2 different chamber? One above the other might be more complicated than it is worth. And for lighting you should look into led, they work wonder in small space and are pretty cheap on ebay. Just my 2 cent. Can't wait to see how you setup that. I realy dig the mac pro aluminium case, still can't beilieve they replaced it with the new iThrashCan case XD
  3. Side by side like he said ^^ then lst the hell out of one.

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  4. One veg, one flower, then you can continuously crop out. 
  5. Thanks! Thinking the side-by-side and will go with a LED. Stay tuned.
  6. I use a single G5 box for germination and early veg, works great. The frames are built like aircraft, very difficult to take apart so side by side is the way to go. Maybe try placing the fronts down to allow more vertical space and the vents will allow heat from light to dissipate easily. Good luck!
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    Imma gonna posta somma pictures of the empty shells. 
    After doing the first one, gutting the second one was a piece of apple pie! I just rolled up a phat dr. G spliff and
    sat in front of the empty shells for an hour going through tons of permutations in my calcium covered cpu on how to achieve the goal.
    The power supplies on these machines should be useful for something LED-fan-temp growth related?
    I searched for the schematic, alas I could´t find one. The fans in the G5 are also of use, but still not as silent as the
    Silent Wings.
    I don´t give a fayyuck about odour, so....
    Trying to find a 50+ watt led strip/panel no larger than 20cm x 40 cm...no luck yet.
    I will cut up an old reflector to cover the holes from the inside-gonna look good!
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    On the top left, two LED units. As the plant grows, I will slowly move it to the right, eventually bending 90 degree west. You get the picture.
    View attachment 133781
  9. Can't see a thing, photo is tiny

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