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I got 2 new pieces! Xp

Discussion in 'Dry Pieces, Glass Spoon Pipes and Sherlocks' started by late joint, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. so, last weekend, my dealer took me to a head shop. we get there and she tells me to look for anything I want. price doesn't matter. ok. cool. so i spend 10 mins lookin at pipes and nothin grabbed me. then, over in the corner, i spy a gas mask with a steamroller on it. that's what I got. the steamroller attachment it 2 feet long, 3 inches around, and has a chineese dragon up the entire side as a force chamber. it hit's SO smooth. we walk out of that head shop and drive 3 miles to the OTHER smoke shop. when we walked in, i went straight to the pipes. I needed a new one. this time, it took me 20 mins. i sized, weighed, held, compared at least 11 pipes. i finally settled on a beautiful piece. before resin coloring it, it was a glowing yellowish tint w/ a yellow pot leaf style design in the pyrex. now that I've smoked so much out of it, it's turning blue and purple at the bowl and red in the stem. i's pretty wicked. I can't wait to name it. HAHA
  2. hell yeah man:) nice
  3. so you go get a bad from your hook up and shes like man ima take you to the head shop and buy you something, then drive 20 minutes to another head shop... i wish my hook ups would take me shopping i need to windshield wipers, and a 2nd xbox controller
  4. I had a chick friend dealer who i was getting pretty tight with, But she and i along with her friend drove down to ontario from boise (like 40mins a way) And she bought me a pipe and a nice bong which is now stolen.. :( It was blackish purple and had a big question mark on the side in white glass! I loved that bong, It was sooo thick and hit sooo smooth.. Wish i still had it.. :mad:
  5. it was a great day holy crap. cuz after wards, we went back to her house, broke in the new goods (which also included a pack of transparent rolling papers, a pack of raspberry 1 1/4 papers, and 2 clove flavored blunt wraps) and watched Wanted. that movie is bad ass!
  6. Cool... Was that supposed to do something? If you wana crash teh server you have to try ALOOOOOOOOT Harder than that! Learn how to crash servers then try.

    Yes i do fuck!
  7. He is about to be banned so he is upset. When your 18 come back to GC and follow the rules.
  8. yeah he just admitted he was 16 on another thread

    but none the less.. sounds like you had a great day

    wish my dealer would do that

  9. wow, dude... you just ruined that post. no one wants to scroll through all that. it's like family guy. funny at first, then afer all the same jokes....they wear out. it just becomes annoying. except stewie. stewie is the shit. he is such a fuckin smart ass. I LOVE it.:hello:
  10. #10 Dustin A.Stoner, Oct 26, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 26, 2009
    ^ then why did you quote it? lol now people have to scroll through it still even though the og post was deleted.

    To stay on topic, my dealer dosent buy me stuff. But he does give me some very heavy sacs :D
  11. WTF dude, think before you quote.
    I wish I had a dealer like yours, or a dealer at all lol.
  12. i quoted it cuz it got deleted. now it's there to remind me and it's funny. i actually got a laugh out of it. PLUS i was BAKED. gimme a lil slack :bongin:

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