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I get "twitchy"

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TrippinOn420, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. So I've been smoking for a good 2 years and about 4 months ago I started twitching whenever I smoke with people.
    I mean it's not like Turrets kind of twitching, it's the occasional flinch lol's embarrassing but I think it happens bc I focus too much on what I am doing (self conscious)..I can stop doing this if I really relax, which I find hard around others..

    Idk if this happens to anyone else but care to share ur opinions?
  2. I'm naturally twitchy due to my PTSD. And I know that even with people I trust I tend to flinch from. It gets worse when I get stoned. I just usually play it off. Those who know me understand and dont think anything of it.
  3. I twitch like a bitch when I'm high.
  4. Thanks guys. U made me feel a lot better about it!
  5. Haha I know EXACTLY what your talking about.

    It fades away.
  6. man i dont even have twitching problems or anything(that i know of)but if im stoned and just sitting there not moving i get the occasional TWITCH lol.. i wouldnt worry too much about it man
  7. I sometimes get involuntary twitching in my right or left leg when I smoke a lot of weed.
  8. Happened to me when I would get really high with a low tolerance.
  9. Yes that shit is crazy isnt it? It feels like its in my nerves or something
  10. smoke more indica :p itle plant you firmly in your chair and not allow you to move, let alone twitch.
  11. When I smoke I get twitchy as shit for about twenty minutes. Like my legs and back spas out haha. But then it calms down

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