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I get sick way too often when I smoke...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bantheman2, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. Hi,
    The first time I got sick from smoking was also my first time using a gravity bong. I got extremely high (I hadn't been half that high before), and I felt really nauseous and had to go to sleep. The same thing happened the next time I used a gravity bong...
    It also happened another time last week, the first time I had smoked from a joint. I only took 3 hits, but afterwards, I had to have them stop the car and let me out so I wouldn't throw up. I was extremely sweaty and very close to throwing up.
    I'm wondering how to avoid this. None of the times that this happened, any of the other people have gotten sick.
    And its not like I had a lot too, 3 hits from the joint doesn't seem like much.
  2. yea dude if you dont have a tolerance you will get freaking ripped so you probably need to just chill out on a pipe and feel your high not just hit a g-bong cause you will get super high and want to sleep.

    or weed just might not be for you.
  3. same fing happend to me bro , enjoy it :hello:
  4. Sounds a bit wierd, marijuana has never made me sick, even if I'm totally ripped. It actually helps me whenever I have a stomach ache or headache.

    I honestly have no idea what may be wrong.
  5. I can't explain the joint part, but waterfalls will knock you out. I have seen one waterfall turn a previous weed smoking 6'6" 250 lbs linebacker into a pile of vomiting mush...
  6. I once puked in class because of this :p. We call it "greening out" here. No idea what causes it but rest assured you'll get nauseas and throw up eventually no matter who you are if you smoke too much (but there's obviously vast differences on how much people need.)
  7. I've heard somewhere that it's caused by being dehydrated and whatnot. So drink up before you smoke next.

  8. That's possible.
    I did have to have them drop me off on the side of the road while they went and got water. I drank the water to keep the vomit down, then got pretzels too.
  9. Yeah youll be fine just chill nxt time you smoke cause when im REALLY active ive noticed i throw up and shit... just get a nice glass water and kick back.
  10. I get sick like that sometimes from blunts especially chocolate dutches.

  11. I think you're absolutely right. This has happened to me twice.. A long time ago. Both times I smoked on empty stomach.. without eating or drinking anything that day.. Cause it was in the morning So just make sure before you smoke you have eaten and drank enough.

    But you're lucky when it happened to me I actually puked cause I forced myself not to pass out, and just fall asleep.
  12. oh the good old days. enjoy taking your one and two hit highs while it lasts brother enjoy it . i used to be like that i would get sick or i would luagh myself to sleep. im not kidding i would litterally laugh for hours and pass out without doing anything. now it takes a least 3/4 a gram for me to almost buzz

  13. Ah, that must've been it. It was like 11am, and I hadn't had much for breakfast or anything to drink.
    I'll me sure to eat beforehand and drink beforehand every time from now on.
  14. Quit for a month and enjoy the glory days all over again. I'm sure it would be worth it from how you described smoking without tolerance. Great thing about weed is most people can go right back where they started.
  15. Hmm..Ive gotton close to throwing up, though I relized I swallowed the smoke instead of inhaling. Is this the cause? Ive done it 2ce, havnt puked though, just burped it up lol.

    Hope I helped.

  16. I have heard of others throwing up from this, but not me. I've swallowed smoke a couple times, but I usually just feel like my stomach is full, but not nauseous.

    I guess I have low tolerance, which isn't exactly a bad thing. The problem is that often I either have too little or too much. I guess I'll try to err on the lower side from now on.
  17. Same shit has been happening to lately. maybe its the weed itself? i want to know this for myself. Im thinking its because i eat to fast aftwards.
  18. Usually if you get sick from smoking marijuana, it's a sign you smoked too much. If you really want to keep smoking, lay off the gravity bong, and take smaller hits, until your tolerance is higher, and you can take bigger hits.

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