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i get SEVERE cottonmouth while high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by assymcgee420, May 13, 2010.

  1. while im high, i have cottonmouth to the extent where its hard to swallow. My mouth and throat gets so dry, and even drinking water and eating food doesnt help because the cottonmouth comes back in 10 minutes. Ive been smoking for maybe a year now, so its definitely not because i havent blazed enough. It seems very noticable to other people because i can barely talk with my mouth that dry. any suggestions?
  2. chew gum
  3. Or drink something thicker than water like milk, that might help.
  4. drink arizona iced tea!
  5. Avoid sugary foods/drinks. It's important to stay hydrated during AND after smoking. Don't wait until you have cottonmouth bad, just prevent it by staying hydrated in the first place.
  6. I'll help you out here assymcgee;

    I was wondering why I never got cottonmouth anymore. Must be because I always like to smoke with a water next to me.
  7. damn lol i completely missed that sentence
  8. I can't point fingers, I've had my fair share of selective reading, :p.
  9. I too suffer from very bad cottonmouth and i've always found the combination of Water and a Milkshake to sort me out very nicely, the water to stay hydrated and the milkshake so i can avoid eating too much solid food which usually makes my cottonmouth worse!
  10. The only time I get bad cottonmouth is when I smoke good stuff. I Just bring a water bottle and i'm good.
  11. I noticed that after I go to sleep high I wake up early in the morning with terrible cottonmouth. So I try to keep a glass of water or something nearby. As long as you keep drinking it shouldn't be a problem.
  12. Iced tea is good, usually does the trick for me. I drink Inko's iced tea, it's one of the healthier ones, I think.
  13. I only get cottonmouth when I am stoned out of my mind, not the average high. When it does come though, it can be very severe lol.
  14. thats weird that after a year you do. When i first started i got cotton mouth pretty bad for about 3 months, but it didnt help that i live in las vegas, and it was the middle of the summer so 90% of the time it was hot as hell already which probably attributed to it. since then i havent even come close to gettin cotton mouth, infact smoking actually increases my saliva production. just keep a water with you :wave:
  15. Jealous at everyone able to drink milkshakes / ice cream after getting way baked. Makes my stomach hurt sooo bad :(.

    Edit: Also, I've found that Powerade / Tea / Water is the best way to go. Soda does you no real good in the end.

  16. I wouldn't have it any other way when I'm toking (or even vaping).
  17. I usually use these too;


  18. I fucking love those things man, they're so easy.
  19. Sounds like we smoke the exact same way, haha.
  20. There's a mouthwash for dry mouth that works really well. It's called Biotene, they sell it pretty much everywhere. I know you should be able to get it at Walgreens or something. It works really well for me, and doesn't taste too horrible... sort of like a minty shake.

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