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I get randomly tested at work... anyone else? What to do?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Fire Thief, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Obviously I'm clean and haven't smoked in about 2 months since I got my job, don't wanna lose it. However, it's such a simple job, working in the kitchen... not making that much money. Yet we get randomed because it's working for the state but it's few and far between. My friend worked here for 2 years and wasn't tested once. My other friend was tested 6 months ago.

    You see, it's not that serious to worry about. So I'm thinking of getting the QuickFix synthetic urine and keeping it on my person at all times so I can put it in the cup if and when I am pulled. My only question is keeping it warm.... Do I really need to have this thang strapped up against my nuts every day at work? >_<

    Seriously ya'll, I just wanna smoke again. And now I got the money to do it. I won't ever go to work high... just wanna relax at home when I'm off. Help please?
  2. Please someone... help.
  3. you need to think if your job is worth the risk if you think you can get a new job just in case, then do it just think first
  4. What is more important?

    Your job or weed?
  5. Look, I need 3 things in life to be happy.

    Money, Pussy, and Weed.

    I have the first two. But I need the other one in order to be complete.

    So what I will do is figure out how to have another job lined up in case I am fired. But I will still hopefully be able to keep my job by using the fake urine.

    I only make $250 a week, and that's working 40 hours. That ain't SHIT... and def ain't worth them randoming my ass for... shit, making that little, I deserve to smoke...
  6. Damn I used to make 250 - 300 a week working like 20 hours at a shitty job part time at the end of high school.

    Try to find a better job... maybe at a supermarket? They almost never test(except preliminary) and it usually pays pretty well for a starting job.

    ^^Harris Teeter(if u have one near you) pays like almost $10.00 as a starting wage if I remember correctly :eek:
  7. Sorry, I know this isn't going to be helpful...but the drug testing thing is so random to me. We don't have this in the UK, with the exception of some very specific jobs (I looked it up - apparently employees of the police and prison service get tested and people who do jobs with serious health and safety implications for drug use, such as people who operate heavy machinery and public transport.) And the employee has to consent to the test. As I understand it they are within their rights to refuse a test and I'm not sure what the employer can do about it, if anything.

    If a company intends to drug test here, they have to tell you at the very start of your employment and put it into your contract in writing and have you sign it. If they don't do this, and they try to test you, they'd be up shit creek without a paddle.

    I've lived in the UK my whole life (almost 26 years) and I have never heard of anyone getting a drug test in any job. If they tried to make it more widespread here there would be complete civil uproar. People wouldn't agree to it. But in the US it really bothers me how companies think they have the right to control what their employees do on their time off. As long as you don't come into work drunk/blazed/whatever, I don't see that an employer has any right to ask what you do when you're on your own time. I read somewhere that some American companies won't employ smokers? (As in tobacco smokers). To an English person, that's insanely intrusive.

    It's fucking Big Brother watching you, I'm telling you. Employers should have no right to pry into a worker's personal pastimes UNLESS there's a clear impact on their work performance. I never turn up to work high - I wouldn't be so irresponsible. Due to the nature of my job which is working with people, some of whom are quite high risk through mental issues or their history of offending, I have to be alert, able to think on my feet and could not get away with being high at work, nor would I be able to do my job effectively. Most people in my office admit to some sort of drug use, and many of my colleagues smoke weed. The unspoken understanding is that if you're discreet about it and don't turn up with red eyes and reeking of weed, you're good to go.
  8. Anyone tried the Urine Luck urine additive? Seems like my best bet... Sounds perfect...
  9. From what I've heard the synthetic stuff only works on the cheap quick tests you would pick up at like a walgreens but if they do actual lab work then they should be able to tell its synthetic.
  10. Hey man I'm pretty sure they notify you first or you could always just say you can't piss can I take it the next day I really don't think they'd care just leave it in your car with a heating packet and your good to go
  11. No, I've been asking a few people at my job. A girl I work with was walked up to and pulled off the floor. She had 5 minutes to go in and piss. If she refused, it was termination on the spot. Absolute bullshit. But that's what happens when you work for the State. I like the benefits and all but this random shit is bull shit because I ain't hurting no one for wanting to get high.
  12. i wouldnt recommend any additives, synthetic urine or bust i guess. i agree to the above poster about human rights, its massively controlling and straight up weird that all our american companies drug test
  13. Such a waste of funds. The only people the probably catch are harmless stoners anyway.
  14. It all depends on if you want to take the chance or not. Im sure 7/10 people would choose to smoke and take the risk. Like you said its far and few between, but it could happen. If you want to strap piss to your leg everyday before work just to be safe, thats your choice.
  15. if you value money (which it seems to me you do, as you said "money, pussy, weed") I'd say do not rely on that synthetic crap... if you are a yuppie (young urban professional) being fired for a drug offense will kill the crap out of your resume. that being said, I'v been employed non stop by a number of different businesses since the summer of eighth grade, thats something like nine years, and I'v never been drug tested. you just gotta get the right type of job.
  16. ^ Well give me some ideas on what places I could apply at.

    I'm thinking of just keeping the piss strapped to me mane. I gives a fuck. They give us a chance to go to our car to drive to the building, which is on campus, so maybe I can just keep the shit in the car. I know for a fact they don't check the temperature on the spot but I want it to feel at least a little warm so idk what to do.

    But seriously, I just want to get high, and get a paycheck. It's the only thing I think about. And it depresses me.

    I live wit my parents so all my paychecks go straight to me... boy, to be able to come home, blaze a blunt, then hit my Newports... listen to music... that will be the life... omg... I'm so ready for this...
  17. thats the hypocrisy of drug tests too, any heroin user could test clean within 4 days or so but we have to be clean for typically a month for a clean test, its ridiculous. im clean now, have been for a little over a month now. its a bummer, but whats the point really? i still do my job as good as anyone else and work my ass off, idk
  18. I get randoms but I get called and walk down to the nurse, unescorted. I piss and then pound water all the way there. When I piss, I catch the urine midstream. I've passed 6 of them so far. *knocks on wood*. Woot!
  19. Man... I just want to have a job and smoke weed. Soooooooo many people in this world smoke weed, and to that I say, how? How are ya'll doing it? Lol I get all jealous... -_-
  20. Keep your head up brother.

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