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I get quiet when im high.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lbanez88, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. I've been smoking for about 6 months every night (alone) because I have trouble sleeping, getting high helps me fall asleep. Im now in college and have started smoking before parties and such and have realized it makes me too quiet. I tend to over analyze things and not say one word.

    Anyone else? Advice?
  2. happens to me at parties
  3. It has happened to me in the past. Just save smoking until later if you are worried about it. Or even have a drink or two to loosen up.
  4. I hate this, Happens to me alot. I have to force myself to be my hyper if im gonna smoke before parties.
  5. Just get in the mindset of "f*ck the woorrlldd" and then proceed to be a boss. Talk to any ho you think is cute. She turns you down.....who the f*ck cares, you might never see her again and ya move on to the next b*tch. You win some you lose some. Be yourself man :bongin:
  6. i get high when im high....
  7. Drink up? That usually stops the silence in it's wake.

    I like to smoke with my alcoholic beverages, party blunts are a good way to meet many people at the party.
  8. This is awesome thanks for all the replies, I honestly thought I was the only one
  9. Well, if it bothers you, you shouldn't smoke at parties! Maybe have a few drinks?

    Or how about this? Find some people at the party that smoke and blaze out with them. Start talking about weed. Just get the ball rolling, brotha. You'll find conversations tend to go along smooth if you're talking about something you share in common with others.

    But also, people use weed for all different things. Maybe smoking and going to parties isn't the way you like to use weed? Don't push anything and only smoke if/when you feel comfortable :D
  10. When it comes to socializing and weed, I'm much better about it in groups of 2 or 3, and we have great conversations. Any more and I just listen alot or zone out and hum old video game songs.

    But yeah, liquor is my social-lubricant of choice if I want more of that route.
  11. I never really drank in high school, I always ended up being the DD for my friends. Guess ill go buy some rum and see how she goes!
  12. If I'm going to a party or somewhere where theres alot of people sometimes I buy an energy shot just to juice me up. I know what you mean about talking I feel like my tone of voice really changes when Im blazed and I can hardly talk good because it gets all rough and I fucking hate it.
  13. Thats why you smoke AT parties. Cause every stoner is gunna gravitate towards the weed and then youll have people to talk to :D
  14. Same. it's because when you don't know alot of people it's really awkward and weird
  15. Maybe because you do it alone all the time so you are used to not talking while high. It seems normal not to.
  16. Drink up in the party and then smoke up after the party with mates :)
  17. It depends on the type of strain, if it's a indica then I'm usually quiet much more of an observer but if it's a sativa then I'm all hyped, energetic, cracking jokes, etc. I smoked at a party once, I was so high I couldn't even talk and it was just awkward but I didn't care cause I was enjoying it.
  18. Social anxiety..
    I find if you tend to smoke less and just get good and mellow that way you get a good buzz and have some fun and your not to the point of spacing out and not speaking

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