i get philosophical when I'm krunk, and this is what happens (poem)

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  1. she cupped her hands
    I struck the match
    I tried again
    this time her cigarette came to life
    burning with one red eye in the darkness,

    I collapsed next to her
    my body sluggish
    my mind invigorated by the whiskey and gin
    we sunk into that grass
    our souls dancing for a while

    we talked
    of our domestication
    of our captivity
    leaving it behind
    leaving it all behind,

    she fed me the smoke
    dipping the cigarette into my mouth
    as I inhaled the ghosts of our isolation,

    time passed
    geese flew over our heads
    geese in the night
    geese heading nowhere

    she told me that she felt sick
    I hoisted her up
    pulling with everything
    she came to her feet,
    vomiting five or six times into the winterkilled grass
    I stood there holding her up
    my head on her back listening to her stomach
    listening for something as she cried out
    the poison was killing her
    the poison was killing me
    and the stars watched over head
    placing their bets
    whispering to each other
    “maybe they've got it,
    maybe they've got it this time”

    we moved farther away
    I left her
    walking towards the water,
    my stomach contracting letting the earth take the poison from my mouth

    I returned to her
    both of us reveling,
    but speaking the cleanest truth

    we climbed the hill
    as we reached the top
    she became sick again,
    I held her hair back
    speaking drunken soothing words
    below the blank face of the moon,
    bright and empty
    alone in the darkness
    with the suns warmth on its back

    I began to shiver in the breeze
    the world was returning,
    it was all returning
    the moon was a moon,
    the geese were gone
    and the stars hardly existed

    I took her inside
    just as someone vomited on the carpet
    and killed it for good

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