I get crazy anxious around people I don't know

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  1. So I'm going to be attending GED test prep classes for a few months and for some reason thinking about making nw friends there makes me nervous. Dry mouth, heart beating fast and I feel as if I'm going to choke up if I even try a conversation with some one. I don't understand though, I'm a social butterfly around people I knoe but when It's me alone around strangers I just feel mad unconfortable. Any advice you guys can give me? I guess I'll just try to talk to my peers, I mean if I get to know them I'd have no reason to be so nervous.
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    i think you are nervous becaues you dont want to say something stupid and be judged by people.

    just tell yourself that you're better than them and believe it (probably true because those people didnt graduate high school)

    if you know you're the shit then you dont care about what inferior people think about you. before you know it your swag will naturally attract all kinds of people.

    the trick is to believe that you're the shit without acting like it. because then people will just think you're a dick.
  3. Same, the anxiety has fucked me up.

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