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I get collosal anxiety when smoking with others but none when smoking alone

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Disagreeable, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. I have been smoking for about a year because school is very stressful and I wanted to have some fun. And my dream was having a bowl/blunt and just pass it around a group of friends and have a laugh. But I have really bad anxiety (like rlly bad) and am very socially akward, Which I can handle while sober, but as soon as I smoke with other people I freak out and have an awful time, and I feel like I can never come down. I don't get hungry, nothing is funny, and I don't feel good. But when I smoke alone and just watch some YouTube and chill, I'm totally fine, no anxiety, and while I don't get the everything is funny affect, it's definatly a great time.
    I rlly want to be able to socially smoke but idk what to do.
  2. I get the exact opposite..
    What I do is smoke less in those situations.
  3. I absolutely hear ya..I to have very bad anxiety that I'm trying to over thing is YES small doses..for example for me I can have one or two tokes and that's it for matter what..I get an anxiety attack...though I feel diff strains has something to do with it?..

    I can't do straight sativa..hybrid and indicas good for anxiety...small amounts :) hopefully I could have helped.

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