I get asked how much a g for alot

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  1. This happens often, whenever i meet people who smoke at parties/events, they ask how much i get a g for, they then say that they get it at a cheaper price than what I said. Are they trying to persuade me to buy from them? Or is that question just to see how much connections that someone has and how cheap he can get good stuff for? I feel like you can tell alot by someone's connections. Thanks

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  2. Many variables but typically..$10-15g

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  3. I've lived in Illinois where the standard is $20/g, and in south Florida where the standard is $10/g. I think location plays a big part in terms of pricing

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  4. I pay £10 a gram £25 for an 8th £45 for 7-14 grams an oz will run me £80+ depending on who I buy off
  5. $10.00 per gram, is the average even in Eu

    learn to play the game..!

    the only time you would reply

    is if you want to buy

    or want to sell

    no room for dick swinging here ..lol
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  7. Man when people ask me how much i get grams for of anything i sorta laugh or just say nothing. Niggas i fucks with have weight. Aint nobody buying grams anymore at least the people i hang out with.

    Just saying lol
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  8. Lower AL is $15 average, $10 if you're lucky. Found a one time only $55q and I thought it was a gift from above.

    I mostly live in Central Florida... $10 singles and can get it down to $6 or $7 buying in bulk.

    OP I've had a couple people do that to me, they'll say "man you're paying X? Well I can do it for X if you wanna save some money." The difference is normally only $5, and I feel like these people are either drunk and just rambling or are going to rip me off or some shit. I have plenty of connects already. In hindsight, take their number though, you'll never know when you're gonna need a hookup. I've had a time where 4 of my reliable dealers weren't able to hook me up.
  9. 0.33 cents for a gram for me :)
  10. 20 or 2 for 30 where I am, A+ Quality indoor, Australia

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