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I get a horrible high... every time.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by beeverz, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. The first time I ever smoked was about 3 yrs ago, at my friends house whereas I was really nervous; when I smoked I went and sat down on his couch, my vision turned into a widescreen movie and I felt knives down my throat every time I swallowed. Also my mouth would get way to dry. I wouldn't feel good at all, almost to the point of throwing up. So after that experience I thought about it, and came to the conclusion that it was my paranoia/nervousness... Though I was wrong because I've been "attempting" to get actually get a high since then, with around 15 attempts (I honestly don't know). I think its a allergic reaction or a medical problem... I hope it's fixable, cause I really would like to experience great herb. If anyone can help me out that would be great. Thanks.
  2. Non compatible brain chemistry is my guess.

    I puffed tough for 10 solid years, now I can't smoke anymore because I get a similarly bad reaction... This actually started after I ODed, I think it made me too sensitive to it now. I ODed by making food oil without gloves and getting oil all over my hands and deciding to rub it into my arms. I passed out hard in about 45 minutes after, been sensitive ever since... I do find I can enjoy a smoke if I'm on vacation and have zero responsibilities to worry about.
  3. you gotta be relaxed man thats probably it. you also may be smoking a bit too much, try a bit less next time.

    if you were allergic trust me you would know :)
  4. you're either getting too high or weed just isn't for you.
  5. You've gotta think in your mind at the time. "I don't give a fuck about anything"
  6. Thanks for the responses, but trust me, I have been chilled out as helll, and still happens... but I think this is a problem meant for a doctor or something, though I can't cause legal reasons... oh well. I guess it isn't for me.

    *I also I have tried 1-2 hits which helps slightly, but I still don't get a high :(

  7. Food oil on your arms...? How do you OD on that? D:
  8. Soaks into your skin.
  9. Well you were most likely just too paranoid. I find that my mood before using cannabis greatly impacts my "high", and the dry mouth is very common. If you decide to toke up again make sure its in a rexlaxed area and you have water for the cotton mouth
  10. How do you tell a child that someone has died? Listen to that song for inspiration. Peace!

  11. Coconut oil is a moisturizer that is readily absorbed through skin.

  12. L O fucking L

  13. Sounds funny but it really wasn't at the time. I woke up 6 hours later (passed out around 3pm), and was super irritable and disoriented, and my arms and hands were beet red, burning and itchy for a few days.
  14. Everyones mouth gets dry. Just get some juice/water to stay hydrated or hell even a beer. Put on good music and relax. Focus on something and you'll find you focus on your other thoughts less.
  15. Getting nervous and paranoid is normal. Also, getting a dry mouth is normal. Feeling like there's knives stabbing your throat every time you swallow? That definitely isn't normal. Does that happen every time you get stoned? Have you dried drinking water when your mouth and throat get irritated?
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    I don't understand why you're afraid to ask a doctor. It's pretty likely they'll be of no help, but you never know. I'm also a bit baffled by your persistence given your description of every incident. Good luck, though.

    It seems most responders have only addressed cotton mouth (which doesn't feel like knives in my throat, so that seems bad) and paranoia. While paranoia isn't a rare reaction, it's not as though it happens to everyone. Plus you say you never get high. These things seem strange to me, and not about your mindset at the time.
  17. Smoke a REALLY small amount maybe? It could be an allergic reaction, but I have experienced unpleasantness while high before (after smoking a ton) I usually end up smoking more and i forget about it. Also make sure everything in your life's good before. And if you listen to music that might help, in my experience it's a cure all for me. But I'm completely obsessed with music so.. Yea haha.
  18. Have you tried smoking on your own? Some people really struggle to smoke around other people and get super paranoid about anything and everything.

    Have you tried using different smoking devices? If you smoke joints maybe they are irritating your throat or something. Try a bong maybe, but take small hits and just let the way do its job.

    Have you tried edibles/vaping? Not everyone has access to or is able to make edibles and not everyone has a vape, but you could easily make a lightbulb vape - other people don't hate on this idea just because its a lightbulb, do it properly and you're fine. I just think if you're finding it difficult getting into smoking then you should try different methods without buying an expensive vape and still having the same problems.

    Other than that, next time you try it build your day up to that smoking session. Eat some hearty, healthy meals, get some exercise, get out and enjoy the sun, do what you do for entertainment but make it relatively relaxing, and then have a nice chilled out session at night. Pre plan muchies and dry mouth reliever beforehand so you don't have to move.

    If you have already done all this, I'm not sure what to suggest. I hope this works if you try it and I think once it works once, you'll be fine from there on.
  19. What about different strains?

    I know certain strains typically sativa dominant can throw me into panic attack. If all bud was like that I wouldn't even smoke anymore.

    Luckily for us different strains have different effects (forget what those "weed is weed" people say).

    Maybe try something indica dominant?
  20. I hope you can find a way to enjoy yourself! Everybody is different, in fact, I actually get anti-paranoid. I chill the fuck out, and laugh at people who are freaking out like somebody is going to walk in.

    Read the guide in my signature dude! I hope it can help you!!

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