i gave in and went to a 600 hps...

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  1. ive been growing with 2 amare ss150s. ive since upsized my grow area and saw a lack of rubust growing..not enough light. i decided on the hid over more leds as ive been a bit unsatisfied with the results of the last grow/current. even before the space got bigger i was havign slow growth. come to find out that the switch for "flower" had broke. not even 3 full grows and the thing breaks down. thankfully victor at amare said they would fix it as its still under warranty...but with so little of my firends using these i had to go with the tried and true. im going to put all 3 lights over the canopy after they are repaired...so im not bailing yet. i actually NEED the heat from the light. its barely getting 68 with lights on.

    so my only questions regard the ballast. i got a magnetic ballast (unknowingly..sneak grow shop salesman). how much better are digital? will it save me on my power bill? going from 300 watts of light to 900 is a big jump
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    If you were to buy a digital ballast, you would most likely have the option to use different blubs because most support different wattage output, but then many of them are RF traceable, yeah, many will tell you they are shielded, but most are are not, which can be a very bad thing. To me a magnetic ballast is much better than anything digital because you truly will never give off any indication that you are growing anything in your house or flat. As for power saving, there is none, 250w, 400w, 600w, 1000w, will always be the same wattage used whether you are using a digital or magnetic ballast.

    Let me add this, if you plan on using both your new 600w hps and your other (2) lights, I would put the 600w hps over head and use the other (2) lights for side-lighting. That will give you bigger buds everywhere....
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